Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Display : BIO Cards

As I was clearing some stuff from my parent's place, I found a couple of Bio cards which toys used to come with and you can cut it out for collection and exchange.

Such cards are popular back in the pre-2000 toys especially in Marvel figures. We still do see some toys carry such gimmicks to lure collectors.

Today, I found a stash of Spawn bio cards which I cut out many years back since I cannot keep the cards that came along. Amongst them, I also found some old phone cards (which are used here back in the 90's for public phones), that have some cartoons characters on them.

Sometimes, it is some corners of hidden treasures that triggers some fond memories of our hunt.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Collection Exposed : Small Soldiers

Ever wonder if your toys were to come to life !!!

In the 80's we have Child's Play and 90's we have a cool team of Small Soldiers.

Do not wish for them to come alive or you shall be crushed and that depends on how big your collection is.

So no no no.

Watch the movie and have fun with the toys.

The movie is great especially you are a toy collector and just like Toy Story, it tells a story about toys having it's own life and feelings. Never noticed Kirsten Durst was in this movie and look how young she was.

In small soldiers, the Gorgonites led by Archer are the good guys and the Elite Team is the evil ones. Reversal roles down here. Watch the movie if you miss or don't even know it's existence.

The toys are great and running expensive in the bay but if you can get a pair of the lead actors, Chip Hazard and Archer, which even better if they are the 12 inch versions. That will be a good start to end too.

12 inches came in two versions. One can "talk" the other cannot. Only the electronic chip difference ad some fabric for the non-talking ones.

And I have the quiet ones. They are still in the box since they arrive a decade ago.

All small soldiers are produced by Kenner back then and now they are history.

I just managed to get hold of the first set of Chip Hazard and Archer figures which are the 6 inches and they are both well equip with accessories as in the movie. Even Chip punching knuckle is packaged with the stretch form bubble to simulate he is trying to get out like in the movie.

Movie Trailers for your Pleasures

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's the Catch? : Marvel Legends Juggernaut

The Legend has spoken and I finally claim one of the holy grail of the Marvel Legends team from Toybiz.

Cain Marko is JUGGERNAUT !!!

Oh.. not another Juggernaut post again. But I just have to do it.

If you are a Marvel Legends fans, this is a must have figure.

I already had the Marvel Select Juggernaut but the Toybiz Juggy have it's side of strength.

I know there are already tons of reviews out there for him so I just have to add in my point of view. The rest is a fact.

In terms of articulations and the technology design to put him together is second to none. He has a unique waist articulation and back muscle articulation which MS Juggy lacks totally.

The only two things which I do not like, are his over rated veins on his arms and the "Ronald McDonald" shoes coupled with a thin ankles. It just looks weird. But he is very poseable.

In terms of scale, in my opinion, MS Juggy is better proportion.

For MS Juggy, you just have to pose him well and he looks great in sizing up well too.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Display : Invasion to the Turntable

An invasion has been succeeded over my turntable by some of my toys. Claiming the crown and space of the records. It looks like a clash of the Titans, each fighting for space.

Here are some figures which I hate to keep them in the dark and let them wonder around the house. Oops! That sounds creepy. Sure I do not need them to move around but having them displayed is my goal for my toys.

For the time being, they just have to bear with the space they conquer.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movies Screen : Warm Bodies

Zombies zombies zombies. This is not just another zombie movie, it is another cross love mix breed movie. Yes, you got that feeling that you are watching a lighter part of Twilight Saga.

Here Nicholas Hoult (also in Jack the Giant Slayer and X Men as Beast), known as R the zombie in the movie is a unique zombie, who tries to be different.

And one fine day, as usual, met this girl, Julie in feast fight, ended up eating her boyfriend brain and fell in love with her. His heart starts to react and slowly cures him into human again.

So for this movie, you got a cure called "Love" where other Zombie zone like Will Smith were in " I am a Legend" needs him to be the cure.

This "Love" cure is better and needs a series of care and therapy.

Well, I was treated to this movie, so no compliants.

Light-hearted with no heart throbbing actions except for the Bony guys.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Collection Exposed : Mask - Condor

Who can miss a Condor?

It is almost every kid's first Mask toy vehicle to own. Everyone starts with Condor, why? Because it is the most famous scooter which changes into a helicopter and it is the cheapest to own for a vehicle compare to the other sets.

To me, I see this as an iconic Mask vehicle which every fan can easily identify, just like Bumblebee in Transformer. They are small yet lethal as well.

Of course, this is also my very first Mask vehicle which I own. It is amazing and looking back, how time flies.

Mask fans, showing again and again, the Condor.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's the Catch? : Rhino of Marvel Select

Have been restraining myself in buying toys lately. No see no shop no urge and no need. This should stop or slow down my purchases. Hopefully, spending on serious buys.

However, as collectors alike, we are always in challenges within ourselves and the market, constant struggle should reduce if you train harder. Haha.

But this time, I was given away to the Rhino figure from Marvel Select. This guy has finally arrived and I got to get him, since I do not own any Rhino figures, this is the one figure which I think worth my wait and money.

All reviews can be found in the good people in youtube videos, which also net me down.

As such, I shall not dwell much into the figure review and just to show him as it is.

On a personal note, he is very detailed but I would like him to be bulkier. Nevertheless, this solid mass still works for me. Comes with no accessories and he is more pose-able than MS Juggernaut.

  Tidal Blast 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movies Screen : Iron Man 3

Man in the Iron suit is back !!! Again X 2.

Now he is challenge with his inner search of self or suit and the people responsible for destroying his personal life. Arm with a dangerous quest, he search on to protect those closest to him.

Watch out in May 2013. Another Marvel legends on the rise again.

Portraits of Toyz : Austin Powers Franchise - Babes

Being Austin Powers, you have the luxury of attracting fabulous ladies in work. Whether good or bad, they are out for Austin to get up and under.

Felicity Shagwell

Vanessa Kensington

Fembot (who possess an auto machine guns bra)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Austin Powers Franchise - EVIL

 Dr Evil.....anyone? The baldy doctor who goes round and round with his arch-enemy, Austin Powers.

Look how evil he is. A pose of innocent evil.

 Since Scott who tries hard to mimic his father's evilness, fails to succeed. He does pack with some incapable evilness as well.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Austin Powers Franchise - Austin

Back to the time of ridiculous adventures of danger, evil.....

Here comes Austin Powers (wo... baby) to the rescue and his many babes (good and bad), battling the most evil person ever exist, Dr Evil. (wo ha ha ha).

Watch out, I am starting a mini 3 part series of portraits from the franchise of casts, welcome Austin Powers in his various goofy poses.

 Austin with his Sexy book

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movies Screen : Man of Steel

Superman again and again. Now back to square one where he belongs and how he started in search of his inner self.

You can expect similar struggle as in the Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan. The darker style of displaying comic book heroes and realistically to this world adaptation where shows the ugly side of humanities.

Give us all a chance to review this great Superhero movie in all new ways again.

Toy Viewing : BloodAxe and Thunderhoof

BloodAxe Spawn and Thunderhoof.

This pair dates back to the beginning of 2000 where Viking Age of Spawn is revived.

McFarlane has nailed down yet another great figure with a detail horse figure which came with a great set of saddle.

Thunderhoof itself well worth your attention and sets above the horses from Lord of the Rings by Toybiz.

Here are some raw pictures of them.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Collection Exposed : Danger Girls

Step aside Charlie's Angels, here comes the Danger Girls.

These gals are from an American comic book and they are similar to the well-known secret agents counterparts like Charlie's Angels, James Bond.

Sculpted by McFarlane, they are slender and posing a curvature out of this world.

All individually comes with a customized diorama base and interestingly detailed as well.

Take a peek !

 Abbey Chase - The Markman

Sidney Savage - The Sassy Girl

 Natalie Kassle - The Sultry Russian