Monday, December 8, 2014

Aliens of Yester Years....!

Going through the era of 80's and 90's are booming trends of exciting movies and couple with interesting toys that even today, people still remember and continue to have new born fans. This is the fatal attractions of them.

As Alien movie sprout out in 1979 follow by sequels of Aliens in 1986, Alien 3 (1992) and Alien Ressurection in 1997, we have been endowed with action figures for the Xenomorph with very interesting features though not movie accurate.

The design of the figures still worth taking a magnifying look even for today's improved standards of toys. When you are in the 90's playing with the Kenner Alien figures, you will awed by it's features and the Alien outlook, forgiving it's non-movie accurate standards. But these design faults which deem unforgiving in this current market by collectors are still very much welcome for the yester years toy.

But movie theme toys design back in the 80's and 90's have a higher play value and they are packed with a play feature in mind for the children. That makes these toys relatively interesting which may seem lame now. And apart from that, design constraints are not as bounded compared to now and you can still spot some clever design which are not accepted in the era due to market design guidelines.

As we progressed forward, we might be degrading in some ways which we never noticed and thinking we have improved in life while we have unwittingly degraded.

Recently, I have chanced upon the Flying Queen Alien and Boar Alien figures from Kenner and decided to purchase them for nostalgic sake but ended up admiring their under-rated sculpting which is screaming for attention but mostly hidden or forgotten.

In terms of size, movie accuracy, they are definitely not in line with current expectations. What they have is the fun and crazy ideas that spawn many of the Alien varieties that we never saw on screen.

For me, these Alien toys are much interesting than the current well-sculpted Alien figures which we have now. Their charm lies on the imagination of the designers and bringing that imagination to the play world.

Sometimes, the world do not need realism, it needs imagination.

Well.. let us look at these gems while reminiscence in the past.

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  1. They flying Queen is so awesome. I loved that figure as a kid.

    1. She came with flapping action and simply amazing features. Fun and glad it brings back many fond memories. :)