Saturday, November 19, 2016

Toys Dairy : True Devils of the Universe

Dear Dairy,

Today I bought in my long awaited Masters of the Universe action figures.

Chance upon an App that trades toys. I type..." Masters of the Universe". Pop out a collector who is eager to sell. Wow! I saw loose figures of Beastman, Mer-man, Trapjaw, Faker and a few more.

Price is not right but I need to ask. No ask no gain.

30 minutes later, a private message from seller. " Negotiable with more figures to run along."

Then came the picking and negotiations. Finally giving in to my weakness, I plunge into the abyss of MOTUC again.

It started with 4 figures, then another 3 and finally, gather up 8 figures which I will release the surprises.

The excitement of purchase comes the decision to let go some of my collection. I have managed to reduced my damage by 50% by selling some toys and freeing some space.

Collection is not only about buying but also to learn to let go and reduce cost, control emotions. It's a package of fun learning of yourself indeed.

May the control be with me.....

Oops, there comes another good deal.......