Saturday, May 31, 2014

Movies Screen : X-Men - Days of Future Past

X-Men again? This time another flick about time traveling and in my opinion, this is one movie to watch.

Always fascinated with back to the future movie and now we got the X-Men getting on the similar track. So cool.

Watch it !

Background Explanation from Comics

Funny Trailer tweaks ! How X-Men go back in time !

Some tweaks to Back to the Future with X-Men

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What's the Catch : The Collecting Game.....

One of the best catch experience that a collector ever experience is to buy that item that you wanted but never gotten until a good price point makes it's worth. I know this does not sound like a true collector mindset but sometimes there are figures that you aren't going to pay that much for.

For me, sadly but gladly, these are the guys that keeps my collecting game going fun.

Right on the list are......Iron Patriot from Iron Man series which I still think he is the best of the series but it is one figure that I go without unless it's the right price for me.

Second, Supreme Starscream from the Year of the Horse. This big robot had my attention simply because he is Big and transform into a cool plane. He is a rebirth chance to get as I have missed the Cybertron series of him. Why spend more money getting the previous version where you can have it new and at the hack of bargain.

Third, came on the Hell Spawn and Issue 109 Spawn which I had missed out and getting way too expensive over my region. The opportune time has come to acquire these 2 assets at reasonable costs.

Fourth, gotten a vintage figure where almost forgotten or never remembered.....Coglistro from McFarlane. Who is that? Never mind about the identity if you do not recall, but he sure makes up for a good knights to go with my Lord of the Rings gang.

And here they a glimpse from my instagram shots.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

There is Beauty in Evil....Skull Queen

More than a decade ago, Skull Queen is raised from the creation of Mcfarlane Toys and today, she is still an underated female figures that can bring on a sense of evil beauty like Medusa does..

Came from Spawn Series 11 of the Dark Ages, she is jam packed with accessories which we have seen less in these days. Carrying a removable pack on her back which gives her the awe of respect and holding an incredibly detailed staff and axe, you definitely cannot mess with her. If this is not enough, she came with 2 minions of skeleton crews and both carries an axe each to fend off her enemies. How cool is that!

With all the introduction, you will have now have to see her to believe.....

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Monday, May 19, 2014

When Aliens fight....

I have here on the fighting ring today, are Alien as Alien himself, Alien as Eve herself and Alien as Predator himself. All coming together to be friends to foes.

Coming from the background of Mcfarlane maker, all three Aliens are distinctively detailed and great posing. To date, only Aliens and Predators are largely reproduced except Eve from Species, which shows the popularity here.

Raised from the deep shallows of my toy boxes, they emerged to have some fun together.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Master & Servant..Scourge #mcfarlane

It's May and my first post is here.

From my toy archaeology dig, I found the Scourge !!! Anyone knows it?

Well, he is from the Spawn Series 7 designed and produced by McFarlane. Rising from his birth in 1996, I finally dug him out for an exhibition.

For a bony skeletal figure, he is very good in detail and sculpting and very much well done for bones, which your dog may not pass it off for lunch.

As in McFarlane style, the articulation is limited with access to arms, hips, neck and minor jaw closure. He also comes with an articulated minion to go along which he can be stalled in Scourge rib cage. How cool is that!

For a toy that is much forgotten or never known by some, he is very much available for you to dig him out. Keep digging...

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