Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Collection Exposed : Nightmare of Elm Street - Freddy

Who likes the bogeyman? Let alone the one who pry in your dreams. Keep pure and positive minds and they shall not enter into your dreams and Mr Sandman will weave beautiful dreams into you.

But now, Freddy came upon me in this form created by McFarlane, and this is still the best to my standards of 18 inch Freddy.

He comes with a sound chip and motion sensor activates creepy dialogues by him. A Movie Maniac series and the very first set of 18 inch released about year 2000.

This was my replacement figure which I sold off my previous Freddy. Managed to get it back again and so, please think again if you ever have to sell your toys. Don't hoard them and don't miss them.

Coming back to the figure, he detail in both head sculpt and paint. The lesser side is the articulations which he do not need and as always done by McFarlane. Only accessory is the hat.

See the dreams....


  1. Freddy can be scary but Micheal Myers of Halloween fame is the one that always creeps me out lol.

  2. For me, its the iconic Halloween music that creeps me up.