Monday, March 11, 2013

Collection Exposed : Danger Girls

Step aside Charlie's Angels, here comes the Danger Girls.

These gals are from an American comic book and they are similar to the well-known secret agents counterparts like Charlie's Angels, James Bond.

Sculpted by McFarlane, they are slender and posing a curvature out of this world.

All individually comes with a customized diorama base and interestingly detailed as well.

Take a peek !

 Abbey Chase - The Markman

Sidney Savage - The Sassy Girl

 Natalie Kassle - The Sultry Russian


  1. Danger Girl Exposed? Sounded very "Mature" viewing there for a second lol. Great action figures.

  2. Oh, I never meant that. Haha, which way are you heading into? My friend. Oops.