Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toy Viewing : Beast Hunters BulkHead

Beast Hunter's BulkHead is the only one transformer which I wanted to pick him up. The rest are just goners for me.

I saw Ratchet and he is kind of cool but am not going to touch him for now.

So I finally got my hands on BulkHead and he does live up to what I expected but some flaws on the vehicle mode. It's kind of loosely packed compared to the previous Transformers done.

The front wheels are not secured well when transform into vehicle mode though it still rolls. No cornering for this guy. You get a serious roll over.

With transformers toys churning out by Hasbro are getting a downgrade in their quality. Cheapness makes a full frontage when you grab that toy. The colors of the plastics are light and the best example will be Bumblebee (in my opinion). Some toys are bringing back memories when I bought toys over the little "mama" shop that sells combat army toys. They just look so cheap.

Fortunately, Bulkhead is still above the average but not escaping the disasters.

Here is the Bulkhead.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's the Catch? : The long haul....

As May starts to end, I realized I have not been posting much this month. Well, I have not stop my hunting game and has actually trying to dig out some good finds. Since new toys don't attract me much nowadays.  some might still catch my eyes and I am waiting for the right opportunity to cull them over.

I finally got my hands on Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles of 4, Soundwave from Fall of Cybertron series, Bulkhead from Transformer Prime Beast Hunters and lastly packed up with 6 Hotwheels die cast cars which goes for a bargain.

These are some toys which some might already got their hands on them months back but I have been trying to stay away until now.

The Nickeledeon TMNT are great and I am still missing the Shellraiser to go with them. Well, another pick up to do.

Soundwave from Fall of Cybertron and Beast Hunters Bulkhead are the only transformers figures I acquired from these 2 series. The rest are disappointment to me.

Grab a wheel. Have a Hotwheel. Here I got them and I like those classics and weird styles cars they created. One of a kind.
What a trip and saw a hole in my pocket. Oops !

It's like Christmas in May.

Next stop, tear them out and shoot !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's the Catch?: HotWheels Die-Cast

Have been really busy and lacking on my posts lately. But hunting still goes on but I need to be careful on what I hit on.

While I was going around and taking my rounds, browsing in the local toys department, I would somehow, meddle around with HotWheels little cars occasionally. This time, I found some little ones which caught my eyes.

I admit, I do buy some along the way but I am not a die-hard HotWheels collector. Just hitting some occasional buys.

Today, I got 3 of them.

A '70 Camaro, a '49 Drag Merc and HotWheels Imagination series - Semi-Psycho

This Camaro is a track tester and comes with Hotwheels logo on the front side. It's the same facelift when BumbleBee first take it's form as a vehicle in the movie.

The '49 Drag Merc is super low on suspension as it is on a drag race. Cool decals, yellow and chrome front.

The Semi-Psycho is one vehicle design which reminds me of a train and the color pops out with big size rims. Cool.

They just got back and these are some quick picture of them to share with you. I may tear them out to show their glory soon.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's the Catch? : Sam & Twitch

This round of surprise catch goes to Sam & Twitch from Spawn Series 25. This pair of detectives are well sculpted as to the comic covers art done by Ashley Wood.

I am impressed with the colors and tone washed set on the figures and adding to the sculpt, this is one good piece of figures not to be missed by me. I cannot speak for others as it is in the eye of the beholder.

Logically, I do not advise paying a hefty price for them and I have patiently waited for a good catch before I pranced on it. It all comes together and it's worth the wait.

Looking at all the reviews, they are a typical McFarlane figure with minimal articulations coupled with good sculpt. So for the time being, it makes no difference for them to be freed from the package.

Well, that's all for this week's catch. Be good and keep hunting.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gathering of the Mighty Marvel Legends BAF

Finally, the day has come for the assembly of my three awesome Marvel Lgends BAF in my collection.

Long has I waited for the time to acquire them and this is the day that they come together.

Forged by Toybiz and assembled by the good people back then, they are now complete and filled into my army of toys.

Sentinel, Apocalypse and my recent claim.. Galactus.

For some, they are history, for me, they are pieces of history which need to be secured for people to marvel the creation at that time of their prime.

With my latest addition of Galactus, they are now complete to my standard.