Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Optimus Prime ( NightWatch )

Transformer 3 Movie is coming up on 30 June. Dark of the Moon. Actions, robots, war and babe running around. Actions...!

However, over here I have brought back Optimus in NightWatch from the 1st Movie toy line.

Its from hasbro and this colour version is not like the movie, but its cool.

You got lights and transforming sounds rather than the words which the original colour scheme Prime has.

Nevertheless, if you are a transformer collector, you sure know this one. If not, it's a freshie to you.

So here are NightWatch Prime's portraits which I took of him. Enjoy......

1. Prime frontal shot

2. Prime full body shot

3. Prime showing off his Big Gun 

4. Prime back shot

5. Prime picture from top

6. Prime lower angle shot showing his mighty height and leg.

7. You know who this yellow speed machine is. right? I picture this as a partner in action where Prime is in full robot mode and huge as he should be, while Bee race in front of him.

All pictures are copyrighted by jimho. Requests for higher resolution pictures are welcome.

Watch Movie : Fast Five

May be a bit late but never to slow to catch it.

This is the fast and furious five I caught 2 weeks back.

Rare movie line which can reach into part 5 nowadays excluding the wizard show (you know that decade long movie line).

Besides the usual cars babes action, plot is good too.

Make sure you sit through to see the later part and maybe we will get Fast Six.

Somebody has returned from the dead.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Portraits of Toyz : Man of Steel

This is no other than Superman himself.

The Man of Steel !

All photographs are copyrighted by jimho. Picture qualities are reduced for easy uploading. Requests for original prints are welcome.

Watch Movie : Kung Fu Panda 2

Just catched KungFu Panda 2. Great laughing into part 2.

Its just Jack Black in black & white again. Hilariously fun.

Want fun & laughther. Catch this!

I love Kung Fu...........!!!

Looks like there will be a part 3 coming along. See and you shall agree.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Portraits of Toyz : Vanity of the Heroines

Here are some sneek peek of the femme nikitas from the another dimension which I took some years back.

They are from part of my collections and here is how I picture them in vanity fair.

I may do a dedicated column to expand each individual's shots.

To kick start, here are just some previews of my portraits of toys.

1. Dawn - Goddess of both birth and rebirth. Black and white shot with a rose on her palms and curling stem around her wrists. (Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

2. Lotus Angel Warrior from Samurai Spawn Series.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

3. Gretel from Twisted tales of Mcfarlane creation.Copyrighted by jimho 2007)

4. She Hulk frontal portrait taken from Marvel Select series.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

5. Valkerie from Dark Age series of Spawn.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

6. Eowyn in Armour from Lord of the Rings.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

Note: Quality of shots here are reduced for optimize uploading. Any prints requested will be in the original quality pixel size.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prelude to A New Beginning.....

This blog is a resurrection of my last blog site shut down due to the closure of operation.

There are times which things are destroyed to give life of opportunities, and somehow some things are meant to end up somewhere, with a touch of the "invisible hand". There are always goodness for everything that happens.

Whichever the case, here is my new beginnings and introduction to my passion in toys, photography and art collecting.

Toys are in varied forms in accordance to individual definition. It can simply be any toy (toys, collectibles, cars, etc) which makes you happy and have full concentration while you are enjoying it, even looking at it takes you away from you reality for that instance. Eventually into a fantasy world.

Toys are created to make you happy and return to the innocence in you.

I started serious collecting of toys since 1998, when I came across a Movie Maniac figure, from Mcfarlane. Though my passion for toys started in my younger days during the 80's cartoons, toys are in the expense of my savings of meal money. I secretly managed to buy myself toys from MASK, Centurions, He-Man, Silver Hawks and played with them in the late hours.

However, it stopped during my teenage years, where I have completely threw them to the back of my mind.

Until I saw this figure from McFarlane and it revives the passion seeded in me. From there, it is history.

Collecting requires experience and self-discipline and it will grows on you if you are not taking charge. Passion can be obsession and when buying become impulsive, heed my advice, do a self-check to reaffirm your purpose and direction of your collection.

I will continue share my journey to showcase my Portraits of Toys, photography, movies, my collection of toys with you.

Let this be a journey that brings out the innocence and appreciation of life through my thoughts, works and collection.