Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toy Viewing : Wrecker from the Marvel Legends

From the wrecker crew, this is Wrecker who joins into one of the four crew members, marketing stunts has painstaking trying to disperse them apart from your purchase. Creating a hard to get impact for the other remaining members.

Just like Piledriver, he is the mass market figure from the rocket racoon series. Again, the other partner went into the abyss like Thunderbolt in Arnim zola series.

Well, may be one day, the crew will be cracking together again under my charge.

Wrecker is a big figure in current Marvel Legends standards produced by Hasbro but not as big as what we have in the old times. Basically, he arms, hands, limps and feet are reuse in Piledriver, he is givern a new head sculpt and body mold, combine with a super power crowbar.

I like the design of his clothes which reminds me of the earlier times during the world war period. His head sculpt is one which really details and does not disappoint.

With regular articulations like Piledriver, mine just seems to be a bit stiff to manipulate around for some moves.

Overall, a good size figure and a real detail head sculpt to go along with other bad ass evil-doers.


  1. Pretty thick figure and the face looks great.

    1. Yes, that's the main good of this figure.

  2. I like to review the entire Wrecking Crew team, I'm just waiting for Bulldozer.

    1. I still missing thunderbolt and of cos Bulldozer. See your review soon.