Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Adventures of Toy Hunting in Christmas Season

With holiday season coming to an end of 2014 and here is my last post for this year.

For this Christmas season, it has been a wonderful time with my nephew and niece visiting.

Nothing beats having to go around picking up toys with them while they promise to keep secrets of your haul into the house. The fun and adventures kicks in when they find thrill through the figures you acquire along th way in the shops and direct dealing with collectors.

They too have their fair share of hunting for their Lego Minifigures in the flea market, hunting and searching for the best deal they can get within their Christmas budget. I almost lose out to their stamina while searching high and low for their minifigures to fill their lego houses.

While mission accomplishes for them, it is my turn to recover and secure my dig.

This time picks mainly circulate around older figures for me which I found toys from Kenner Predators and Small Soldier Punchit together with the MOTU 2000X figures and the newer Neca Predators while adding a Green Goblin baf from Marvel Spiderman series is a great addition for a good price does not hurt. Let's see what other damages have been done !

Wishing all buddies a Happy New Year Ahead !

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Haul of Fame : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT - Movie

With the Ninja Turtles coming back on board with the Nickelodeon cartoon series and the spin of the action figures until the this year's movie since 1990's, fans have gotten a serious roll of action figures to fill their toy desires.

The issuing of classic turtles that has transformed into 6 inches sizes are a real treat and this is one complete set of collection which no turtle fan can turn down. Added with the two sidekicks of Shredder, I just got to relive the fond days of TMNT in bigger sizes. Aren't they going to make a Shredder and Splinter to go along? Seems like it make better money sense to reissue the 1990's movie turtles rather than a Shredder or a Splinter.

Then came the11 inches size turtles from this year's movie, which has very individual characteristics, unlike the classic figures that is basically made from the same body design.

The movie edition went ahead with different body sizes of each turtles and unique outfit cum color for each of them. Putting that together you have a new cool TMNT design which the only setback will be their lack of articulation. No Waist and elbow articulation is enough to put do some decent kung fu stances.

But how often you get each turtle design differently? 

They are basically design and made for kids to withstand the harsh kids battling them around and big enough for them to cuddle around.

The big kids might view them as a disappointment but after getting them, they looks really awesome standing together as a team.

There are much hidden details added though lacking in some areas of paint but overall, they are good additions in my opinion and I buy them because they are a team of unique turtles to date.

While I work on a detail post on them, you can awe the heroes in the hard shell for now..Turtle Power !!!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Who is Johann Krauss !

 Who cares about Johann Krauss? A gas spitter !!! If you ever know HellBoy, you will know who he is.

Seen in the movie, he is in an ectoplasmic form and hides himself in a containment suit that allows to function like a human body.

The interesting suit design which he was given in the movie looks very much like a vintage diving suit. This means he can cosplay other characters in your collection as well. Pretty versatile.

He came with two pairs of hands, one of them has a gas purging out from his fingers, and a crack dome .

He can double up a fireman without the hands and looks like open hoses ready for water firing.

What I like about him is the intricate details on his suit and the whole fell of him looks more like a diving adventure. The bronze paint wash over the suit completes the overall appeal to the an adventure.

Whichever you want him to be, he is one unique action figure to add to your collection.

Beware of his outrageous gas, even Iron Man is put away by it.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Aliens of Yester Years....!

Going through the era of 80's and 90's are booming trends of exciting movies and couple with interesting toys that even today, people still remember and continue to have new born fans. This is the fatal attractions of them.

As Alien movie sprout out in 1979 follow by sequels of Aliens in 1986, Alien 3 (1992) and Alien Ressurection in 1997, we have been endowed with action figures for the Xenomorph with very interesting features though not movie accurate.

The design of the figures still worth taking a magnifying look even for today's improved standards of toys. When you are in the 90's playing with the Kenner Alien figures, you will awed by it's features and the Alien outlook, forgiving it's non-movie accurate standards. But these design faults which deem unforgiving in this current market by collectors are still very much welcome for the yester years toy.

But movie theme toys design back in the 80's and 90's have a higher play value and they are packed with a play feature in mind for the children. That makes these toys relatively interesting which may seem lame now. And apart from that, design constraints are not as bounded compared to now and you can still spot some clever design which are not accepted in the era due to market design guidelines.

As we progressed forward, we might be degrading in some ways which we never noticed and thinking we have improved in life while we have unwittingly degraded.

Recently, I have chanced upon the Flying Queen Alien and Boar Alien figures from Kenner and decided to purchase them for nostalgic sake but ended up admiring their under-rated sculpting which is screaming for attention but mostly hidden or forgotten.

In terms of size, movie accuracy, they are definitely not in line with current expectations. What they have is the fun and crazy ideas that spawn many of the Alien varieties that we never saw on screen.

For me, these Alien toys are much interesting than the current well-sculpted Alien figures which we have now. Their charm lies on the imagination of the designers and bringing that imagination to the play world.

Sometimes, the world do not need realism, it needs imagination.

Well.. let us look at these gems while reminiscence in the past.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mutant Earth : Crippler


The last of the figure in this series of Mutant Earth and here comes Crippler. I do not read the comics so I cannot relate any background on this guy.

However, in an action figure perspective, I can show you how wicked this guy is. I do not know what to call him...a beast? He is definitely not a man but rather an alien being.

If you have saw the other figures in the series which I reviewed and posted, the detail characteristics of these guys are on the league. There is a 360 degrees of details going on around him with a bird like scales running through his body, featuring bird like feet. He is also mechanically designed at the back that shapes like a claw that I use it to hold his weapon. It may not be that purpose but it holds well.

Since he is an early 2000 figure, joints are pretty much basic with no ball joints but simple cut joints for shoulders, hips, wrists and waist. In total of 7 articulations only.

Standing at 7.5 inches, heavy top and bird feet, he cannot stand well but thoughtfully, a base is provided in each figure. A simple yet detailed desert sand ground base to hold them.

Crippler came with 2 accessories such as his power machine gun and a big hammer. I do not see why he has an advance machine gun and yet needs a clumsy hammer to lug around for battle. It simply makes no battle sense. Well that's comics and fantasy.

For all the details put in for the body and armor with a new character, you cannot doubt the creations of Stan Winston who has brought us Terminator and Predator.

With 2014 closing, this makes a good completion for my Mutant Earth figures.

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