Thursday, April 30, 2015

A She-Elf in Warcraft.......Valeera Sanguinar


For the real fans of Warcraft gaming, she is no stranger but to people outside World of Warcraft, Valeera Sanguinar is a very attractive figure.

For many of Warcraft characters, their names are not easy to remember for general public and it may get on your nerves trying to recollect their identity.

Fortunately, many have an animal association features or some mystic creatures which we know in many fantasy stories.

For Valeera Sanguinar, she is an Elf and that makes her outstanding especially she is made to be what a She-Elf is expected of. Donned in red costume and posing in a fighting stance, many cannot missed her outright!

The key thing as always in DC Unlimited Warcraft figures is minimum or non-existence of articulations and I would say, the posture which has been fixated on Valeera Sanguinar, is dynamic as it is. You do not need articulations in her but she do have 2 turning points on her right wrists to twist her holding blade and let elbow for minor posing purpose.

With that, you are practically left to admire this figure with your imagination as she is.

She do have sloppy paint jobs done on her face, hair, chest and trimmings of body armor. All can be forgiven for that she is a She-Elf, isn't it?

In the way she has to pose, she cannot "survive" without a pair of transparent disc bases stuck onto her feet to give her balance and fall free.

Putting aside her flaws which can be overlooked if you are not a perfectionist, who do not welcome a Rogue in Elf form?

If you ever get these Warcraft figures, they will surprise you more than they are in the box.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Redeem your Wings.....Spawn


In the alternate realities of Spawn, the wings of redemption brings forth the flight of Spawn in his angel wings for salvation.

How does that work out to be?

Well, let just see what Spawn has to offer in this reality featuring his wonderful pair of very detail and nicely sculpted wings, which are incredible and made of flexible material. They have toned it with some brown washed to make it worn and if this pair of wings are to be on Marvel Angel, it will also be fantastic too.

Knowing Spawn figures, he is basically posed and there is not much of articulations you can play around but he is already well posed and a conversation piece even though he is only 6 inch tall compare to his bigger twin at 12 inch.

For a relatively great price, he is hard to pass and I had to let him shine.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : Redemption !

Rise to your Redemption...........

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Priestess in War......Sister Benedron of Warcraft

Running in the series of Warcraft figures that I have acquired, Sister Benedron is not one of the favorite figures which I have to get but to due to some bundle opportunites, she just has to fall into place.

For figures in the Warcraft line designed and produced by DC Unlimited, you will just have to open them them up to appreciate the art behind them and only then, they will be able to WOW you.

Upon close examination, I would say, she has a cross feel of a Roman statue and Indian fashion in her. The black color skin choice is not the influencing factor but it is more on her clothing, posture and the pair of wings.

Though she is not articulated in any way, she is well posed with satisfying paint job to enhance her features.

I have took the liberty to modify the emblem which is hung in the front and move it to her dress on her back. The weapon is now detached and let her hold on her hand in the posture.

If you are looking for articulation in this figure, it is always disappointing but details says it all. I do not recommend paying a high price for her unless you terribly desires her.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Overkill in Spawn Classics

When Spawn action figures are in full force driving insane details in the market, they have accomplished a high level in the year 2001. In that year, Spawn series 20 was born and a deluxe box in this series is Overkill.

The sheer size and details packed in this figure is superb even until today's standards. He is one juggernaut of Spawn that smells power.

The color and tone washing are very well executed which he has a some bionic metal growing in him which covers from his chest how. He has 9 articulations and was not given the knee joint that he shall always remain in a squat position. May be practicing on some kungfu stance.

He also features 3 hand cannons on both arms which can be hidden on his left arm, while the right arm is fully extended. The chains are also additional decoration for him and you can either wrapped them round his hand to make a tougher appeal for a punch or at your imagination. For accessories, he still have his signature parking meter as the choice weapon for some serious damage.

For an early 2000 action figure, he still live up to a great collection and still smashes on for more good years to come as some things will never be the same in the future.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

What is Tavru Akva?


Who and what is Tavru Akva? Does Warcraft rings a bell?

If you do not play Warcraft, I believe the name makes no sense to you, likewise to me. But that does not matter here in Daily Toyz. Here lies another interesting and menacing figure that is worth investigating even if you never knew him.

Since Warcraft line of figures have been taken over by DCDirect on the design and production, many characters have surfaced and many have are known to be detailed in their design.

As I do not play the game and looking as a collector angle, this is an awesome figure to discover.

Putting aside his responsibility in the game, he is solely based on a walrus and ironically, his weapon is a spear made of fish head bone. It  is very realistically designed and done with strings loop with hooks to add to his usage. The wood texture adds to the realism of it.

The awesome details are displayed through the pictures which I have taken and for many who have known this line of action figures, they are basically statues with limited articulations. In this case, Tavru Akva has only 2 wrists articulating for the adjustment of his spear holding.Which means, for the rest of his life, he is stuck in this javelin position and he did spectacularly well.

Details and paint job are the major strengths of Tavru Akva and you will not be disappointed with him since he do carries some weight.
Overall, a great piece to add to your collection especially for adult collector who displays their toys and he should come reasonably priced compare to figures like that Iron Man.


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