Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's the Catch? : Prince Isildur, Council Legolas and Strider from Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is still one of my favourite movies since its debut in 2001. Amazing scenes and mythical settings with knights, Elves, Orcs. Fantasy in a box.

I began collecting the actions figures at a later stage where fans start dropping out and that is where genuine fans stayed and continue to savour the fantasy. At that time, I would say Toybiz has done a great job for most of the figures which they have acquired the scanning technology to bring the accuracy of the figures to life. Even now I still think they are great figures to me and I am still hunting them down.

So to say, I am still collecting a piece or two, whenever I come across a figure which I do not have and at a reasonable price. Afterall, the fun of collecting is not just about getting the toy I want but get a good deal out of it and you got to meet people from the same interest. It is a part of the package in the adventure of toy hunting and spotting.

Everybody wants to buy low and eventually hope to sell high. If the latter part is your intent, then we know where is your stand. But my advice is, toys are never meant for investments and even if it do, it is a lesser investment instrument to land your money into. And if you have attachment to your investment instrument, it will be hard for you to make sensible judgement to dispose as toys are emotion and attachment items. Non-attachment is one of the key to successful investment. Oh I getting a bit too far. Let us get back to middle earth.

Ok, as I am saying on my collecting of LOTR figures, I bumped into these 3 figures which I bought over the flea market.

First I saw Prince Isildur and Wow, that is one figure which I never came across in my search in "evil bay" so I decide to go for it.

Saw another Council Legolas, which I have been eyeing for long and have yet to get it. Finally, got him within budget.

Third is a figure of strider, which I do not have. It is quite a regular figure, since he is not in my collection. I might as well get him at a bundle price with Legolas from the seller.

So here they are. Not impressive but enough to light me up after many hard days before....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Apocalypse Rising (X-Men)

Monday monday, enough of smurfing blue......Now comes Apocalypse.

Apocalypse stomped into my studio, slammed down for a portrait and claimed his prize.

Introducing Apocalypse Rising from Marvel X-Men Onslaught series, 1st appearance in 1997.

Note: Pictures copyrighted to jimho.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watch Movie : Real Steel

Real Steel - In year 2020, Robots replaced Humans in boxing !!! How is that as a story line?

By then, Rocky is really dated to watch.

I am only excited by the robots in action. It looks like transformers has became un-transformable and contraint to a ring as battlefield. Boring? Not until you watch it. For now, it is only the trailer that shows the extract of the movie.

The robots do remind me of the animation movie "Robots" except for the bulk.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.

--------------> Updated : 9th Oct 2011

I just watched the "Real Steel" and would say it is a movie worth watching.

Plot may be expected but you cannot deny the thrill of Robot Boxing upfront. Metal clashing action!!!

The final fight of Atom with Zeus do resembles the determination of Rocky Balboa in his comeback fight with Mason where over here, Atom is really a real steel as he can sustain the same damage as Balboa.

I do not want to spoil the fun but since you read this, the results somewhat goes with Balboa.

Young Max also adds a punch to the movie with his wisdom and stead.

In the end, real boxing cannot be replaced without experience boxing and Jackman shows it all in the end.

As for the toys, in my opinion. They just fail to live up to expectations except maybe Zeus and Atom. Paint work is off. At SGP 24.90 for 6 inch figure from Jakks Pacific, you judge yourself.

Mean time, enjoy the movie.


Friday, September 23, 2011

New Toy Release : 25th Anniversary Unicron

Picture of Unicron : Courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Introducing the 25th Anniversary Unicron. It is not really a new toy but rather a new paint job from the last 2010 Takara Unicron. Should be the same mold, just repaint.

But I like this paint job, it has the chrome feel added to him compares to the 2010 version. Both versions are great, it is just how the paint job appeals to you and how it brings out the different emphasis.

The 25th Anniversary Unicron have the similar packaging as Costco BumbleBee released previously. Clear window box for presentation.

If you already have the 2010 Unicron, you might as well save the money for other toys. Unless you have spare cash to throw and crazy about this new paint job of Unicron, then it is great to have it added to your collection. You now have a pair of identical twin Unicrons to your collection.

I personally owns a piece of 2010 Takara Unicron but this paint job do strike out in appeal to me too.

Ok, I just pulled out a video review for your judgement and the rest is up to you.

I have added 2 links for you to explore the different sides of him in Seibertron.

Courtesy of Soundout Productions.

Picture  : courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Comparison between 2010 and 25th Anniversary version. Picture: Courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Box Art of 2010 Takara Unicron 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Thorbuster Iron Man

Thorbuster Iron Man - First appearance in March 2003. The armour was designed as a precaution against Thor and very much inspired by Asgardian Destroyer.

He is from the Marvel Legend series if you need him.

And here is Thorbuster Ironman striking a pose in my studio.


Note: Thorbuster Iron Man Picture copyrighted to jimho. Atttribution of credit is required for any usage of the picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's the Catch?: Mutant Earth - Stan Winston

As I was browsing and looking for credible finds of toys, I stumbled across a set of action figures from Stan Winston creation.

These figures dates back to 2001 when Stan winston started to realize his creations into toys, which in the article of ToyFare (October 2001), he commended Todd McFarlane for doing a great job on his creations like Pumpkin Head, Terminator , Edward Scissorshands etc. And he somehow decides to bring his creation into reality by himself.

Passed away on 15th June 2008, Stan Winston has created notable creatures which we grew up knowing in fear and fantasy and now I able to get a piece of the master's mind in action figures.

Since I just got them, they will remain in the box until I release them for my photo-taking. For now, I just took them in MIB first.

Due to age, some yellowing of the bubbles are inevitable but I do not care as long as the figures are in great condition and the price is good.

Speaking of the figures, they are well ahead of their time in 2001, just like McFarlane's figures. The details and attention to hide joints are given serious thoughts. You can tell that if you observe closely.
The cards of each figure bears it's characters' pictures and each figure comes with a base and accessories.

But why do these figures aren't well received simply because they are not as popular. A niche group may know Mutant Earth or even read about them. So at that time the price of these figures are surprisingly reasonable around USD 10, which Stan may want to market at an affordable price.

Most collectors goes for brand and popularity. At times, you are missing the idea behind. I am glad these did not sky rocketed in price. Even as I mentioned the cool side of these toys, these figures are not going to hike up because Stan Winston's passing. We should give credits to Stan Winston's for his innovations for the movies which his studio ihas contributed and he dares his creations into action figures, which are affordable.

So before I take chances to portrait them, here are they as carded. Oh, this set actually have 6 figures, I only got the best 4.

At first, I only wanted to get Horrg, which resembles Stan Winston's "The Swamp Thing" but all 4 displays great details to my surprise. So here they are.

Their next appearance will be under "Portrait of Toys" column.


Red Vane



Upcoming Movie : Immortals

Another Greek Gods based movie dawning on 11.11.11.

It is a story about Greek warrior, Theseus, battles against imprisioned Titans.

From the trailers, I saw familiar settings and stunts from "300",  "Clash of the Titans", "Troy" and I saw a resemblance of the "Black Gate" from "Return of the King (LOTR)" though it is from "300" producers!!!

So are we getting a visual summary from this movie. Let's hope the trailer is not the movie itself.

Any action figures for these.....?!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tabloid : Batmobile in Jay's restaurant

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Masked Rider

This photo was taken during my visit to the Hong Kong Comic convention years back with the rider on display.

Note: "Attribtion of picture : jimho". Copyright applies

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ART : The Beetle Bug !!!

Volkswagen Beetle, a very nostalgic car which everyone can identify from its design. Look! It's a Beetle! Over here, we called it the tortise car. The hump back design resembles a tortise shell more than a bug.

I personally prefers the original bugs and they definitely is a head turner when they are restored. It is a highly collectible car now as it enters into the classic category.

But here I am not going into the details of automotive but the art aspect of Beetle named "Vochol" presented in this museuem of Mexico, which is decorated painstaking by beads and Fabric.

As Beetle is such an iconic car, it has went into movies such as "Herbie" and even our favorite Transformers' character, "Bumble Bee" was originally a Bug rather than a Camero.

From Art, Movies to Toys, a bug never ceases it's draw of attention.

Herbie starring Lindsay Lohan in 2005. Where is she now?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Site Features : Sound Wave added!!!

1 day after 9/11 of 2011. I officially announced the launch of a Juke Box into this site.

Music is the soul of connection of feelings and emotions sparkled according to the tunes. This is highly demonstrated in the movies, where the mood is largely determined by the music scores created for the scenes.

If you do not believe, turn off the volume and watch the movie.

Over here, you will get to listen to the soundtracks from the movies which I have selected for you to experience.

Does it enhanced the mood of the site while you explore my space? You tell me! Enjoy as always...

SoundWave will continues to update the soundtracks and songs from the movies, games, anime, cartoons to keep us inspired.

------------------>Updates : 10th Oct 2011
Check out the soundtracks updated in the jukebox.
1) Real Steel soundtracks
2) Immortals
3) 300 Movie
4) Rise of the Immortals
5) Mortal Kombat
6) Narnia Main Theme
7) Three Musketeers

Friday, September 9, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Valkerie

Valkerie, the assembler of the battlefield of souls. Another great details from McFarlane. She came from Viking Series 22. 

Here are my portrait representations of her in style.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch Movie: Smurfs

  Another 80's cartoon into the big screen. I have anticipated for transformers to turn into the movie when I was a kid back then. Smurfs are my usual Sunday morning blue cartoon which I have diligently reported to.

 Never knew it was created by a Belgian cartoonist, Peyo, until I chanced upon a travel show introducing a comic museum in Europe.

Not just another cute flick targeting at cute lovers. 

However, after watching the movie, I would say there is an amount of lessons to the meaning of life which you can pick up and stop to think about it. Sure do Smurfs know how to live and enjoy their way of life. The ever cheerful and harmonious spirit is what our society is draining away but Papa smurf always has a way to guide and bring positiveness to his smurfs. 

You will smurf it if you watch beyond the movie lines. You will learn and appreciate life from there. 

 If you are interested in the facts, just google for the official Smurfs

So will the toy line pick up like crazy transformers does? This is a niche market out of the niche market. What do you think? 

There are people who still think they came from America which is downgraded from AAA rating and worse, they actually sprung out from Europe. Shouldn't they landed in Chinatown? 

Below is a pair of Smurfs action figure which I do not think they exist in the market. They will have to change the movie concept if smurfs were to look like these. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tabloid : Ultraman works in China !!!

With unemployment rate on the rise and tough competition from the Real Action Heroes of Japan, Ultraman resemblance seeks greener pastures in China. Is it? Just for fun. Real facts as below.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Robot un-disguise!!!

     Spawn as a robot disguise and not transformable. Here is Manga Spawn created by McFarlane in my presentation.

I named the below picture as "The vault" which depicts an entry or exit, it is up to your perception.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.