Sunday, June 30, 2013

Collection Exposed : Exo-Skeleton Ninja Turtle Power

We will be crossing the half mark of 2013 by tomorrow. Here is one last post for June.

Scrambling through my pile of old collections, I bring light to this little Exo-skeleton Ninja Turtle. Is that Raphael?

The exo-skeleton robot can be "controlled" by Raphael and he drives this mini beast to fight off the villains. This was picked up many years back in the flea market and I believe there are some missing parts but he is somewhat complete to me. The top hook seems to hold some parts which I have no idea.

Raphael is also articulated on his arms and limbs plus rotation of his head. He is barely 2.5 inch tall and the exo-skeleton suit reaches a mere 4.5 inches.

The suit is articulated on the arms and limbs with hand rotation. A transparent head for the turtle to see through or protects him from attacks.

This is one 90's toy which includes interesting details of useless pistons and playability to bundle in.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vintage Pencil Sharpener - Toy?

Back in the old days, we used pencils in our everyday life and sharpener is a tool which needs to get it going. I have a couple of vintage sharpener which can double up as a toy for a kid. A 2 in 1 combo for a kid to study and play. This is where fun never ceases to innovate in its ways.

Imprinted with a Simplex word and I guess this should be the company producing it.

This die-cast horse carriage is very well-detailed and looks like a Cinderella Carriage too.

The jeep have four rolling wheels and the steering can turn but not turning the wheel. The sharpener is hidden at the back.

I wonder if these will take up time for your studies or an excuse to sharpen more pencils.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plots : The Blue Assassin

A picture for thoughts? What is the story behind?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time to hang some Toys

Space has been a drawing pressure for collectors and there will be a time when your space will run out for your collections. Just as my store is packed and might come crushing down one day, I decide to lay them out on the walls and make it into a mural for daily admiration. I am sure many collectors have done that and it is a real impressive sight.

It also serves as a good judgement point to see who stays and who goes.

I am just about half way filling one side of wall. Nothing impressive, just a little pleasure to start with.

Some of my carded pieces of Lord of the Rings and Marvel to lay the foundation.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's the Catch? : TMNT ShellRaiser

Finally, I secured the ShellRaiser to pair up with my set of Nickeladeon Turtles.

This is nothing new as many collectors may have it by now but this toy is real old school style. With stickers and assembly to be done, that is awesome fun. You don't see toys deliver this way nowadays. If your kids do not know what is it like back in the 80's when we play with toys. This is one good new example to show.

Here goes the surprise pack I open up but yet to assemble.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tabloid : Ghostbusters back in time !!!

When something's wrong in the neighborhood, who do you call?

The ghostbusters have been laying down for a long time and seems like they have venture into monsters business as well.

A never been seen hideous species has appeared and somehow, Ghostbusters have been alarmed. Wrong number? Anyway, no time to lose, this assignment is given to whoever that can claim this monster. Doen;t look like Ghost.

Last seen in this photo is the successful activating of the proton trap and activities are slamming up in the ball room again.

Let's hope they nail it this time again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Freaky Sunday - OctaBrain

Octabrain, he is an octupus like, three eyed monster with great mental power to annihilate Duke Nukem. A very detailed and monstrous freak from the toy line back in 1997, I would say he is still very up to standard until today and still possess the 90's toy feature of minimum playability. It actually came with a oozing liquied which by the time I had it, it has dried up and useless.

The setback is the big brain which can be slotted back and open in halves. The molded brain looks cool with transparency but the outline is cheaply done with fading markers.

The tentacles are well-sculpted and flexible but unable to set poses as it does not have any wires inbuilt. 

He is supposed to be floating around hunting for Duke and as a toy, they gave him a base stand.

As a 90's toy, he does smell bad for the rubbery plastics used and similar quality used in the Mcfarlane toys back then. Produced by Resaurus which is no longer in business, I am pleased to have him for a toy but kind of scary for a kid and where should I placed him?

 Is this the business of Ghostbusters?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tabloid : Marvel Wars

Reporting on today's news. Mutants are back and seems to be some fight between the Juggernaut and Chief.

However, we still do not know what is the brawl behind this. From the pictures delivered, Invisible woman is down and wolverine is trying to recover the balance between the two giants while MechaHulk saves his "baby" from the fight.

What are they doing in the apartment of Invisible Woman and what is the story behind? Make a wild guess.

Until next time.......

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's the Catch? : Marvel Legends Craze

Lately, I have been slowly poisoned by a Marvel Craze where I have been searching high and low for Marvel legends figures whether it is from the previous Toybiz collections or current Hasbro wave.

Maybe, the reviews are working on me. It just shows how great toy reviews can work wonders on influencing collectors. But they do gave me an in depth view of the toys before I decide to get them. I just cannot go around buying and regret later. Maybe, I should do a video someday, got to get a video cam first.

Well, there are some figures which I have trying to hold back for years and with the current wave of some figures getting better, time to re-evaluate to scrutinize some good purchases. Somebody stop me !

And well, here goes while toys are piling up waiting for pictures and posting.

 Mystique is one figure which I wanted since she is out but she just don't worth the price point here. She got wonderful face sculpt and hair which hinders head movement. A plenty of weapons for only 2 hands and 1 holster. She is by far the second Mystique I have since the X Men movie version and a great improvement for Hasbro Marvel Legends.  Since Mystique is good on hand combat, she is more stunning on this pose.

 Pile Driver and one thing I realized is that they do not indicate the name boldly on the packaging. Frankly, I bought him for his size and he is the biggest of the 6 inches done by Hasbro ML so far. You cannot go wrong with big figures and great sculpting cum paint work is sharp enough. Now their marketing scam is putting Thunderball ( the character in green) as a "variant" figure and limiting by random packing. So collectors got to run hunting paying for hefty secondary market price.

Hope Summers, who is she? I don't even know her until I read in the internet. I am not into comics so no idea for me. Now they start to come out more characters and this is great for serious collectors out there. I bought her as she looks good. She is one of the few Marvel Legends female figures that have looks and well painted. Remember Jean Grey from the ML Blob series (you can recap in one of my posts), she is one good example of a beautiful woman go wrong on figure. She is way off and looks like a man. If you like pretty figures, here is Hope Summers !!!

Oh, Punisher. This is my first Punisher figure and I choose him over the many variations done before and after. He is the one which fits in my collection. The latest Punisher by Hasbro looks cool too but looking at the accessories from this Punisher, it is a no brainer choice.

Long has I elude this Cyclops figure from Toybiz but after numerous reviews, I finally succumb to him. He is to date, the Cyclops I want to have apart from the variant X. The paint job and facial expression is so human. Hasbro still got a arm and leg to catch up with what Toybiz have done. Let us se how the next Cyclops looks then. Meantime, this is Cyclops !

Monday, June 10, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Invisible Woman

How do you capture a shot of a gorgeous lady whom you cannot see?

Invisible Woman has just accepted a portrait shot proposal and promised not to disappear and gosh, she does look like Jessica Alba. Sexy.

So she is still in her last movie suit from Fantastic Four and poses along side with Wolverine's chopper whom he left behind as he was last seen chasing some evil doers after his photo shoot. Whatever, he should be back after I get "Jessica Alba" to caress it.

Well. she poses some of her famous stance during her famous defense against Dr Doom while trying to use her force shield. I also request her to get into some sexy slouchy pose with the bike so that she looks like a poster girl. Some celebrities also came see how the shoot went on.

Let's see how she does and if I got her.

 Pictures are copyrighted by jimho@dailytoyz

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Watch Movie : THOR 2

Another one bites the dust. Here comes pasrt 2 of Thor - The Dark World.

Set after the Avenger's movie. Thor is confronted with choice and sacrifice ! What will be his choice ? Watch it in November 2013.

Hey ! Tom. Go Carting?

I got myself a vintage 1970's Corgi Junior Tom Go Cart die cast toy through an auction but condition is pretty done but the decals are still visible. It has seen it's days of fun.

Since it is pretty reasonably priced, I think it is fine to own a piece of vintage iconic Tom & Jerry die cast cars.

Tom improvised himself with a rubbish bin cover as a helmet and his Go cart is fronted with a rubbish bin. Sitting slouch back, he tries to fire at Jerry along the race and he is packed with some serious firepower at the back. Watch out for this Tom Cat !!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Toy Viewing : Days of Future Past Logan

From the infamous Marvel Legends given by Toybiz back in the early 2000, Logan was visualized with a chopper. We get a familiar scene in the Wolverine movie where Logan was hiding in a barn and was given a jacket and bike from the farmer.

Toybiz actually produces 2 sets, one mass market is older Logan with a muddy washed chopper and a variant outback logan featuring a cleaner bike with a white singlet wearing a hat.

Luckily I got the best of the both worlds as I managed to snap up a trade with a mud washed bike and the variant Logan. Unfortunately, the owner lost the hat. If anyone has the hat, please let me know.

But I am still happy with what I got.

This figure is terrific especially the bike. The jacket which is made of soft rubber and can be taken off but be careful as it can get torn. The figure do shows a skin tone on both arms and the overall figure is similar to the weapon X figure except the latter is almost naked.

The figure also wears a pair of blue washed denim and possibly Levis???

Anyway, fun figure and you do not see such action figures in the market now.

All pictures are copyrighted by jimho