Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's the Catch? : Animated Megatron (Leader Class)

Transformers in animation. Never did I imagine myself befriending the Animated series, which I used to see them as crude designs.

However, chance upon a time when I was introduced to Animated Megatron......and started to take notice of him. A real bad ass indeed and very well design as the cartoon.

Together with Leader Class Megatron, I also gotten the Supreme Animated Prime - Roll Out Command. In many reviews, this is a failure to most fans. In my opinion, Yes, he does look a kiddy toy but he is huge and he is licensed to Tomy. No wonder, a more kiddy friendly version.

OK, back to Megatron, I would think he is one of the best out of all animated. Sound and amazing helicopter mode. But bad side is some bad paint jobs here and there.

Nevertheless, get him if you are selective just like me. Will inttroduce the other few animated transformers which interest me as we go along. Just have to be selective to my taste.

For now, It's Megatron time!!!

Note: Megatron picures are copyrighted by jimho

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Portraits of Toyz : She Ra, Princess of Power

She Ra, Princess of Power.

Do you know her? If you do, you will know that she is the sister of Prince Adam.

Oh who is Prince Adam? He is He-Man, a more famous personality.

Like He-Man, Adora wields the Sword of Protection and transform herself into She-Ra.

Actually, both tried hard to hide their Man power or Girl power by playing foolish. Anyway, everybody can tell they are He-Man and She-Ra except themselves.

Talking about my portrait of She Ra, I have to travel to the planet of Ethernia and gain special entry to the palace to propose my intention of private portrait session with the princess.

Posing in her natural innocence of beauty and hopefully my pictures play justice to her shyness hidden in strength. Here she is in spotlight.

Note : Pictures of She Ra is copyrighted by jimho.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Collection Exposed : Violator Chopper -- McFarlane

Violator Chopper from McFarlane, an old school toy and one hell of a detail falls into this hell chopper. Where would you get another comic chopper now with the escalating cost of plastics and inflation, driving down the sizes of toys, yet pricing higher.

In my opinion, another chopper which can match this bugger will be the GhostRider bike set, which is produced like 5 years back for the 1st Movie.

Anyway, here is another collection exposed.

Comes with bendable Violator. How many vehicles you bought comes with action figure. Usually it states...action figures sold separately. This bike is sized up big.

Box Art is great with both comic and actual picture of the ride.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watch Movie : John Carter

John Carter, a movie based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars, same author who brought you Tarzan.

This year marks the 100th year of the novel. Yes! It is that old...

Story is about John Carter, an American Civil army Captain, who is transported to Mars and there begins his journey of adventure.

If you have watch it, it resembles Star Wars and Avatar but both films owe to John Carter for their imagination and ideas.

Basically, a "can" watch movie for you to enjoy though you may know what follows but I bet you do not know the last intricate plot by John Carter. Watch it to discover.

Meantime, a trailer to entice you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collection Exposed : Street Fighters (Resaurus)

Over the years of collecting and most of my toys do not have the opportunity to be put up on the shelves to display. I believe most collectors share the same sorrows of leaving our toys in packages and buried in boxes. As time passes, they get forgotten by.....YOU!

Do you remember ever buying them? Or worst, you bought another piece and later realized that you already had it.

If you have ever experience any of the above, you are LOST! Your toys are more than enough to bury you.

So to keep myself or yourself sane in our purchase and continue to keep them in glory. One way is to showcase them out in the cybernetic world......

So today, I shall share my favorite set of Street fighters from Resaurus, which I still prefer them over other makers except for 2 pieces from NECA. They are from Player 1 which came in good sizes and solid bulk, quite heavy.

This set is recollected as I have sold my very first set. It took me years to reclaim what I lost. However, still missing a few pieces. Lesson is, before you sell them, think twice, thrice and whatever times, you need, before you regret.

And here they are........

Note : Pictures of Street fighters figures are copyrighted by jimho pictures