Saturday, March 2, 2013

Toy Viewing : WIld Wild West Desert Wasp (Nitro Cycle)

WIld Wild West. Do you remember this movie?

Starring Will Smith as James West and Kevin Kline in this 1999 Sci-fi movie which stuck in the Wild West era with gadgets of innovations.

The movie also chunk out a series of action figures and toys.

Of which, I had this Desert Wasp cycle which Jame West used to ride in the movie.

Action figure included and somewhat reasonably done.

The nitro cycle can be disassembled with two parts of wing span, the mid bone structure holding the wing to the body and the cycle part itself. Pretty cool with firing two firing missiles in front.

A very nostalgic vehicle.


  1. Hated the movie because it was no where near as cool as the original tv series it was based off of. But I do like the steampunk/Weird West Designs. : )

  2. I never saw the TV series. The movie was not impressive but a weird sense of mix cultures. :)