Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flashback : Pirate Two-Face

Following up with Pirate Batman, I have to introduce his arch enemy, Pirate Two Face and he is one tough thug to battle against.

Pirate Two-Face however, shows a basic standing pose but feature a cool Pirate Captain wooden leg. His hideous green scarred face is well sculpted with details and wears a cool officer coat.

You can still swivel his blades around using the dial action on the back of the figure. This allows you to fight against the Batman and land him in pain.

Both figures are fun and gives a child so much imagination of play which the world of fantasy and marvel lives on.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flashback : Pirate #Batman

It is back to the legends of Batman where we see the incarnation of Batman as a Pirate over here.

Kenner has designed a 2 figure pack for this pirate series where Batman can fight alongside with Two-Face, the hideous Captain.

Both have rotating arms that you can manipulate through the dial at the back of the figures. Interesting play value and a signature fun factor for 90's toys as well.

Standing at 5 inch tall, they are spotting the basic 5 points articulations with limited stance especially for Batman.

However, the fencing stance with his cape design flows along and you can start fencing your enemy off.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Toy Viewing : Elder Predator - Leader of the Pack

From the infamous movie franchise, Alien vs Predator, we have seen these reptilian alien-like Predator gotten a huge reputation for being a great hunter.

Predator line of figures have been pouring in since the early days of Kenner toys and now is Neca period.

Prior to the success of Neca, Mcfarlane has claimed the throne of these figures for many years and the Elder Predator is one that still have some power even til this date.

I do not have the latest Neca Elder Predator to compare but seeing this classic figure produced earlier do have some details and glory which is unmatched.

The exaggerated long blades and short blade on his leg are very detailed and observed an alien inspired design.

He armor and sculpted shoulder pads coupled with the cape brings on an awe of a king.

While his head sculpt and articulations are a total lose out to today's standard, the overall appeal still stands out amongst the predators.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's the Catch : Resident Evil - The Hunter


Surprises are always round the corner when you least expected and that is when you are hit with excitement.

I chanced upon a piece of Hunter figure from the Resident Evil done by Neca and I do not care if I played the game but he is just one gorgeous mutant to come by.

Here he is. Still in the package.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Flashback : Egyptian #Batman

Lining up from my last post on Egyptian Catwoman , I had to complete this set with the Egyptian Batman since they came in a duo pack.

A great 90's representation of Batman figures which we used to see and you will probably never see such toys being made now or the future.

Having said that, you will see Batman have a few accessories with him.

1) Removable Egyptian Headgear
2) Removable Cape
3) Egyptian style Bat Staff

As for pose-ability, he is in an almost fixated stance where he looks in complete battle when you hook him up with catwoman.

The details are still very visibly in place for such a 5 inch tall figure like him.

I personally like the stance he is in and well, you just have to accept his lack of articulations. If he has a swivel wrists then that will be perfect for his grabbing pose while holding his staff to fend off his foe.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Movies Screen : #Transformers - The Age of Extinction

Highly anticipated sequel of the Transfomers movie franchise and we are looking at a revamp of the cast with a new story line.

No more Sam, hopefully less screaming....

Fresh look, more new robots. Looks exciting from the trailer. Let's hope for a better storyline installed for this sequel.

Here is the Age of Extinction....showing how humans never learn.....

A full of of trailers for you to view.

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Toy Viewing : JLA #Superman

 With so many Superman figures around in the market, I am always looking for a iconic figure After looking through many versions from DC Direct, I finally set upon this Superman from the JLA series 1 Superman.

With an interchangeable hand and base to stand on, he also comes with an American flag.That's cool to have too.

As a figure created in 2003, his articulations are still decent except that he does not turn his waist. His joints on mine are pretty loose especially his wrists, elbow and knees. These are presumably a common problem for early DC Direct figures as my first Superman is also having same issues.

The drape part on his cape is nicely sculpted but the "S" symbol is not painted red. Why?

The overall physic of him is very muscularly build as a 6 inch Superman should be and his head sculpt reveals a pleasant expression coupled with his iconic front curvy fringe.

After all, who can miss a man in red underwear flying around !

Package for Reference

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : Superman.....up Up and AWAY......

With every Superman comes and goes, you will never miss him in his infamous color.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flashback : Egyptian CatWoman

From the Legends of Batman brought back by Kenner through the history of the Egyptian era, we are transported back to the Pharaohs reign where CatWoman became the mighty Tyrant Pharaoh to rule and put all to slavery.

The history of this figure is dated only at 1995 which is gives us about 19 years to date.

Being Kenner figure, CatWoman is simply articulated with 6 points and presented with a stature like stunt who wields the power of her Claw staff complete with her Cat Pharaoh headgear and articulated tail.

Upon removing her headgear, she still wears a kitty head dress with a cat imprinted on the forehead. This is also observed on her belt. It is great to see such tiny details where we always overlook and take for granted.

She has claws on both hands and feet who is ready for a fight anytime. Total outfit is very Egyptian fashion.

This is no Hello......Kitty you want to mess with and only one man can bring her down the throne. We shall see...

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