Monday, June 22, 2015

Ultimate Cable of Marvel Legends

Along the line of Marvel Legends, series 6 involves Cable, and after looking through all the reviews, he definitely did not disappoint me.

As he has surged in price over the secondary market, getting him loose is a better option for a lower price since I wanted to get my hands on him to see the good on him.

Being in the Toybiz era of Marvel Legends, he is treated with multiple articulations and many details from head to toe. The bio-mechanical arm is nicely done too. The only lazy done areas are the the punches with cheap lines running through for details. However, much can be forgiven as the overall appeal stands out well.

He also don a removable shoulder armor to boost up his size but standing at 6.5 inches does makes him a little smaller. Many would expect a bigger Cable.

The other interesting element shall be his big weaponry which fits well on his left shoulder. This big gun is actually a rider for Cable to ride on but it seems senseless for the concept and the size isn't right for a rider for him too. Imagine holding up your bike as a weapon on your shoulders?

Well, for all Marvel fans out there, this Cable is still a good contender until Hasbro come up with one to match which is unlikely for articulations but hopefully a good size up.

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