Friday, January 31, 2014

Hauling back...the next Predators...Series 14

I have been anticipating for the arrival of Neca Series 14 Predators after I saw the preview pictures of them especially the two predators featured. I was not actually very keen on the Thermal Vision Dutch out of the three figures.

I finally got them through my winning bid in Ebay and eagerly trying to get them soon.

Today, I drove a long distance to get them the latest series 14 Predators and was very impressed at what I have. Both Borg Predator and Wasp Predator are not a disappointment as expected. As for the Thermal Vision Dutch, he does win some points over me even though he is the least favorite.

All back cards still bears the previous series 13 "Kenner' style design and features the Predators for each piece.

The Battle Armor Lost Predator aka Borg is a masked version of the previous unmasked Borg and features impressively sculpted helmet coupled with his armor. He comes with throwing disc seen in Predators 2, sword and sheath.

Wasp Predator origins from the fan made movie and he is from the Red Clan which Big Red has been released in series 7. Only difference is the paint job into a yellow-back color scheme but they gave him a spear staff with an impaled Alien head. Very impressive. Cool.

Thermal Vision Dutch from the first movie and through the vision of  predator, Dutch is seen as this outlook. It looks weird to have a figure like this and I think Neca is daring enough to push this forward to the fans. Everything about him is translucent glowing green, even for his weapons. Face it, he is the same Dutch which was painted previously. Now they change the plastic and splash him with dashes of red and yellow. He is a unique action figure to have and can be made impressive with a base light to make him glow. It is not everyone's favorite figure but this is the kind of figure which you like it or hate it.

These three figures are of individuality so they came from different theme and background. You do not have to keep them as a set.

Well, this set is indeed another improvement after series 13 which is worth picking up. If you missed the previous series, forget about them and get this set.

This is the first impression look of the figures looking outside their package. Detail viewing will require breaking them from the plastic enclosure. I shall share further when time is ripe.

For speculation, I am hoping if the next 18 inch Predators will be based on this set of Wasp and Borg Predators. Something tells me it might be........

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toy Viewing : The Incinerator of Transformers

From the Return of the Fallen, here comes Incinerator. He is transformable into a CV-22 Osprey which we sees the plane in the movie which the soldiers are transported.

Incinerator comes as a Voyager class and a very low profile figure, mainly because he does not transform in the movie and he is an ally transport. However,  it is a contradiction figure as he wears a Decepticon badge now.

He comes with two versions. The one I have here is the Takaratomy version and he comes in a black color which I think he looks more aggressive than the Hasbro grey version.

In the plane mode, he is well hidden even at the base that his robotic parts are well concealed. The transformation is one of the easiest as compared to many his movie counterparts and he features an automorph when it does transformation during the head sequence.

He does not comes with hands and the rotor blades acts as a weapon. He is like Edward Scissors hands without hands. Blades are their forte.

One bad side which I do not appreciate is his big back pack that he carries in his robot mode but you will realize that this makes his transformation much easier.

I am always impressed with the vehicle mode for the movie transformers and this Incinerator does takes the awe of the Osprey. They even give him a retractable landing gear and a gimmick to rotate both rotors by pulling back the round radar.

If you see him, I do recommend you get him.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : Incinerator

Reporting for duty into the cold Artic ice. Incinerator is searching for Energon source. Could it be here?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snap : ROTF Mixmaster

Coming on board is G1 Mixmaster from Transformers - Return of the Fallen.

He is one mean machine to beat even for this transformation. Stay tuned for his coming viewing..

Friday, January 24, 2014

Toy Viewing : SolarLord


 SolarLord, a comic character created by Khoo Fuk Lung from Hong Kong and launched the first issue in March 1999, published by image comics and the action figure is designed by d-boys which follows on by end of the decade.

SolarLord and DragonMan are two main characters produced by d-boys.

Little has been known about them in the figure realm amongst collectors and I have only seen them back in the streets twice about a decade ago. The usual collector regrets when you just did not buy them and they linger at the back of your mind while every now and then you will try to look for them.

Somehow or rather, as patience always pays off for collecting, they finally shows up in an opportunity buy for me to grab.

I shall do my part as much to get them exposed in Daily Toyz and hopefully more will be able to know more about them and appreciate their designs.

First come Solarlord who is a metallic version. A variant which you may call. He stands at 8 inches tall and basic 90's articulation of 12. All joints are basic hinge type and are loose on mine. However, he is poseable and stands reasonable well for quite a big figure like him.

The sculpt on him is detail and pairing up with an excellent paint wash over from head to toe, he is by no means any less impressive even for today's standard.

If you like details and great sculpting for your figures coupled with fantasy, you can consider adding him to your collection.

There is a regular version and this metallic version. If I am able to get the regular ones, I will try to show it to you. Meantime, stay tuned.

He only comes with a big sword and have details on its handle and it is pretty hard plastic which is good. But be careful not to break it.

His chest features an sculpted emblem and Solar symbol

His back has a sculpted spinal code.

The boots are also impressively detailed although he does not have any ankle articulations.

For Size, he is about 8 inches tall and is considerable big in his league. You can see a size comparison to the Neca Predator.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snap : DragonMan

I am DragonMan.....from SolarLord. Who Dares to Come against me !

Monday, January 20, 2014

Snap : Solarlord

First preview of SolarLord in Daily Toyz since it's debut in the 90's. Here comes a sneak preview of him before I post a coverage on him.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Collection Exposed : Ghostbusters ECTO-1 HotWheels Elite

In the year of the 80's, Ghostbusters were in town terrorizing the ghosts and times were great back then with the siren of ECTO-1 zooming around town to nail down the usual suspects.

You just cannot deny the response of ECTO-1. He is one Iconic ride amongst the other famous movies.

In the first decade of the new century, Hotwheels relive the vibe of ECTO-1 and gave us the die-cast version.

With all details and equipments of what Ghostbusters have put into it, this ECTO-1 is one ride you cannot look away. Toy being toy, there are some downsides which is pretty sad. One thing, I got pissed off is it's cheap plastic windows they put in. It is not even a hard clear plastics and they are like those hard films that we used for stationery.

With all the details in and out, they have smashed it with the cheap windows. This ride ain't come cheap and you just have to weigh it down yourself if you decide to get it.

 This 1959 Cadillac ambulance was well decorated with the Ghostbusters equipment sets inside and even comes with a trolley that can store the proton packs. All doors and hood open with engine inside showing tubes connection.

Chrome front grills and rims makes this classic ride a sweet mobile.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : Light Elf of Lineage II

Everyone welcomes a beautiful She-Elf who not only looks good and fights great too.

#dailytoyz #toyphotography #anime #gaming #cosplay

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Movies Screen : RoboCop 2014

 Coming soon to the silver screen is another remake of Robocop.

This film is one of my childhood wonders and the eye opener to the world of the future, just like in the "Back to the Future". A cyborg police ! He is so cool even when he is the original model.

For this new Robocop, as some have commented that his suit is a crossover of Dark Knight and Iron Man, I still have to watch the movie to see how different and good it is.

The movie has kept the Cop name as Alex Murphy and also has a family but now in 2014, he is critically injured in a car bomb while in the 1987 movie, he is killed by a group of notorious gangster in the line of duty. Back then , he has a female partner who eventually helped him to regained his memory.

The company that creates Robocop in 2014 movie is called OmniCorp while in 1987 it is named as Omni Consumer Products (OCP).

He still has that side gun hidden at his thigh and now he rides a bike. He does looks more flexible compared to his 1987 counterpart, who is more bulkier. How can you not have ED-209 which is the "arch-enemy" of RoboCop. He too has some edition which makes him slicker than before.

Well, we shall see how cool the movie really is.

1987 Robocop for your reminiscence

Monday, January 13, 2014

What's the Catch : NightStorm Predator (Neca Series 10)

The NightStorm Predator !!!

From the Neca series 10 which inspired by Kenner Predator lines, Neca has donned the package design of the Kenner era and upgrade the Predators.

Though he is not a total new mold which due to economy of scale, it does make sense for NECA to re-use their Berserker Predator and touch up with the existing armor. Every predator is yearning for a removable mask to be released and coupled with a new staff, he is one awesome Predator to rule.

For this series 10, I have been contemplating whether to get all the three figures of the series but finally settled only with the Nightstorm as he is the first and only predator that comes with removable helmet plus a touch of Egyptian design. The blue body paint coat and coupled with gold armor does makes him pops out from the usual Predators.

Another sweet addition to my predator's clan. Any comments are welcome. Good Day !

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What's the Catch : Battle Damaged Predator

Recent claim over my predators craze, he is a much worth while difference to add into my clan since we are getting a number of classic predators by Neca. This version shows the battle damaged mainly on his damaged mask exposing his left eye and exposing some of his head coupled with some scratch marks after the fight. Needless to say, some green blood to go along.

If you ever had the Classic Predator, basically, its the head and the blood splash that differs from the original.

As a classic representation of Predator, he is indeed very well sculpted by Neca and we are seeing waves of Predators coming out to entice us and draw our blood money out.

With so many Predators to choose from, I have decided to collect mainly the masked Predators which make up their main uniqueness and give them a sense of individuality.

He is just one of the few Predators who join into my clan.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Movies Screen : The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Already in the showing across the silver screen, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

An average working guy who works his time off at LIFE, who does not have an interesting life and the only thing he did is "Day Dream" his moments. This is something which I think many of us does imagine along your life but may not like Walter who went into a daze. That's dangerous.

Well, as expected, he eventually went into some adventure that incidentally cause by his work. However, it may seems boring as I am writing it but it is an inspiring movie to watch packed with fun and hilarious moments. Laugh it out and ask yourself. Have you live your life? Here is a new year, a new beginning.

It does not always mean going to somewhere around the world or doing some big stuff. The world is right in front of you! Even the smallest act of difference means life. Be well and smiley always.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : Modern Armor Iron Man


Blasting through my lab and into my securities of bots, Iron Man stunned the crowds with his repulsor power.

Insurance anyone?

Still in his dramatic pose ! And something unexpected passes by..............

Unhurt and still cool......It's a Simpson !!!

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