Saturday, September 27, 2014

Braveheart.....The Lion

From the tales of Wizard of Oz, we have known the Lion for his bravery and courage for the heart he wanted. Am I right?

Oh, we are in the wrong side of the fairytale and here is the dark side where lies the Land of Oz !

The Lion for the reasons which I do not know, got himself into a battle with full battle-damaged until his guts are out ! painful!

Designed and created by McFarlane on the series of twisted tales, we have The Lion, who is one of the best character in this series. How often you get a serious lion action figure? I like the Lion from Narnia, who has a charisma of awe but the Lion we have here is a warrior that suffered multiple wounds and pain. However, he stills possess the King's air.

The sculpt of his mane and facial expression really hit the spot. If he has a variant twin on non-battle damaged, it will be a definite addition as well. This Lion has seen his days where he is wounded literally from head to tail.

He came with cool accessories for you to pierce through him such as the spear, knives and a trap standing on a display base.

This is an "action figure" which doe not need to know his origins to appreciate.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : The Lion

Introducing The Lion......

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Faces of Clay.... ClayFace of Batman


From the good folks of DC Comics, we have ClayFace for the enemy of Batman whereas, Marvel kicks in Sandman as the villain for Spiderman. Is Clay better than Sand?

Today we are going to debate on that but admiring the works of Kenner in the 90's in the design of ClayFace produced for the Legends of the Dark Knight series.

This is one of the final and better series of figures designed by Kenner in it's later years migrated to Hasbro. The figures in this series are bigger, better sculpting especially for the bad guys. The play gimmick and limited articulations are still in presence in this era of toys.

Although he is from the 90's era, the standard has already been raised being the fact that Spawn figures are pushing up sculpting standards then. This Clayface is no doubt a good addition to collectors even though he lacks articulations and minor detailing in today's competition.

Having said that, let us look at the fun side. Clayface has four difference face sculpt and each uses the ey of the next face. Smart design. You can rotate the dial at the back but I think this is pointless but maybe for kids, they can secretly rotate through the back and seems like a real deal.

Both hands are sculpted differently and paints are smudging over to create a mud like effect. He is on some kind of a suit but I am not sure why he needs that like Bane.

Well, overall, he is a nice figure and standing at about 7.5 inches tall, he does have a size over a regular figure and quite heavy in weight if you are considering to ship him.

If you get to see him in any face, take 4 turns of look before you turn away.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's a Vampider?

A Vampider is a combination of Vampire and a Spider ! Sounds logical?

At least this should the logic behind but putting that into comics character and that brings on a new adventure.

It was a rare chance for me to stumble upon this Vampider !!! He is Venom transformed into Vampire and gaining more superior powers, he is now VAMPIDER. Hahaha.

Toybiz has designed and created many crazy action figures of the Spiderman series including Venom, who is a great character to explore. He has many interesting mutations done and one of them is this Vampider, which was born on 1996.

I am unable to find any reviews on this guy and just have to get him since he is looking so amazing. Here I shall give a little introduction on Vampider and hopefully, when you saw him. You know if you want to capture him.

He is basically quite a big figure of his age standing at about 7 inches tall with wing spanning about 8 inches wide. 8 articulations if you include his mechanised gimmick flapping wings and lashing tongue which are usually useless which is meant for the kids.

However, the sculpt on him is pretty great with veins running around his body and wings, skeletal skulls for his nipples, web-like hands, Venom heads on the wing span complete with boney sculpts to bring out the vampire gore. Cool?

With the size and sculpt plus a touch of crazy innovation design, who cares if the figure is off the scale, ugly since he is Venom.

Well, judge for yourself here! Happy Hunting.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Darkstalkers Victor

Anyone who played video games in the 90's and likes monsters fighting games may know who the Darkstalkers are. For me, I have never played the game, let alone knowing it's existence until I chance upon Victor. He is one of the characters of the Darkstalkers and I find him very interesting although he is more than a decade old and being designed by Toybiz in 1999.

Victor just appeals to me for it's bulky size (though he is slightly above 6 inch tall) like the Hulk and quirky Frankenstein character with a pop out brain operated by a lever that you can push. Very typical 90's toy on the play feature indeed.

The overall, size, color and cool feature with reasonable good sculpting gives me all reasons to add to my collection. You can put him along with the streetfighters or other freaky fun figures like the 80's Ghostbusters, which he seems to merge in well.

Victor is limited in articulations which he only have ball joints on his shoulders and coupled with joints on the elbows, waist, legs and knees. That's all. He cannot turn his head !!!

Well, he is blue Franskenstein fighter. How cool is that !

Here he is.....Victor.


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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where the Raven falls....Spawn

This is where Raven Spawn falls into Hell from brightness and brings on the fight against evil. This is where I present you Raven Spawn from series 21 which he is much like his counterpart.. Hell Spawn.

I am not sure why is he named Raven Spawn since I do not study Spawn comics and that is really lacking on me. How lazy !

However, putting up a figure before you and showing you at his best is where I cannot deny.

Needless to say, Raven Spawn is anther detailed Spawn figure with his Staff and with his Helm, he looks like the King of the Dead from Lord of the Rings and very much merging into their company of Dead Men of Dunharrow. Which I can put place him into this army for a secondary role in my collection.

Do not look for articulation for Spawn figures and he is also quite limited and he cannot turn his head. So what you see here is pretty much what he can pose.

If you are into Medieval period figures and a touch of death, Raven Spawn can champion the role well.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zzzax ... Who is he?

Zzzax...a character that I never knew until recently I stumbled across a carded figure that has it's name. I had the same figure but gotten it loose in a flea-market and never knew his origins.

So happy to know I have him complete with his accessory which I thought it is a crab trap, I decided to showcase him since he is a very under-rated figure and I cannot find much review about him.

Though he looks more like an over-grown Human Torch to me, he basically is a an electric freak. The figure has a play action that you can turn the knob on his back and he trembles in shock. Maybe he is trying to shock his way out of Hulk. So much fun for a 90's classic toy.

Designed by Toybiz in 1997, this is one classic 90's figure that gets forgotten or never for it's existence.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Man-Bat ---- Bat-Man...Who's who

We have reach September and Halloween is just a month away. With my first September post, Man-Bat came earlier before he got time to prepare for Halloween in October.

Well, this is the first and only Man-Bat I have and I got to say, this Legends of Dark Knight Man-Bat is considerably one of the best done to date in my opinion.

His body seems more like a Werewolf than Bat as his physic is quite large and his hands and feet do more justice as a Werewolf.

Wearing a torn top, he must have transformed into Man-Bat while wearing his lab coat and you can even see his badge.

With basic articulations as all toys in the 90's, he came with a ball joint shoulder. The bat wings are well sculpted with veins and graduation of red colors.

I found his red eyes have a glowing effect although the red color does not seems to be in luminous red. In certain darkness, he does look mysteriously fearsome.

The plastics used for this line are of good quality and more durable than what we have in action figures now.

If you ever come across this Man-Bat, give him a second look, he will not disappoint when you hold him. Besides Batman, he is another figure in this series that is awesome.

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