Monday, March 30, 2015

Supergirl to the rescue!

Amongst the few Supergirls that have been released, few make it to the hall of fame in the line but many still welcome another Supergirl to their collection, provided she is not hideous looking.

This is Supergirl from the Return of Supergirl produced by DcDirect in 2006 and one that is quite good in some angles of appreciation.

She possessed some awkwardness in her facial makeup and a little too slender body but her head sculpt with a swaying hairstyle are nicely done.

The paint job is not good as there are many blemishes especially between the yellow and blue color combinations along the rims of her top, wrists and belt area. The "S" sign is painted cleanly in my case.

So far, most Supergirl figures are unique in their own styles, unlike Superman who has a general outlook for most and if you are looking for the one Supergirl, this may not be the ultimate one to get but if you like her style in this design. Why not!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The destructible Killer Croc - DcDirect


 Batman Arkham series of action figures have been going on by DcDirect. With the launching of larger scale figures such as Killer Croc and follows on to Titan Joker, Solomon Grundy and the upcoming Clayface, they all features great sculpting and carries weight with them. Solid !

The Killer Croc in particular is one well-sculpted action figure and I still prefer this Croc over the Origins version.

Many have reviewed this figure and you probably can find tons of photos of him in the website and he got a bad reputation for his quality. Sighted and experienced by many collectors to having broken parts falling from him such as arms or legs. This is very disappointing as he is a very good detail figure to add to your collection.

As he is not priced cheap, it is really a headache for many to weigh him out of collection.

Nevertheless, we can still admire him for his good points.
I have safely removed him from the package and he has very stiff joints for his arms and elbows which I do not want to break him out so I decided to let him have this fixed position. I am unable to pose him except for his head and feet which are practically useful for any serious posing.

But I just have to contemplate with this as he is such a good sculpt to have.

As my Killer Croc's chains have rusted in the package, I kind of like it as it gives him a realistic feel since he should be crawling around the sewage judging from his mud stains splashed on his pants.

The jaws closed perfectly together and the scaling at his back and body looks very crocodile-like.

With him pairing up with Bane, he does makes a good cell-mate as both still don their jail pants in orange.

As he stands close to 10 inches with unstable feet to support his weigh, be sure to have secured if you do not want him to be a humpty dumpty falling and make all the kings' men trying to put him together again.

Overall, a risky buy but if you ever get one that is in good shape, try not to push him too much on the joints for he may break down.

Good luck! He is just a little fragile crocodile.......

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bane of Arkham City

With the all popular Arkham City game, DC Direct chases on with design of Bane from the game and gave us a very awesome piece of action figure.

In the early series, we have been treated with a knee bent Bane in a very impressive sculpting but many has complained about his fixed leg position and hinder his pose.

Now, in the Arkham City Bane who came in a 2 pack with Batman, he is fully articulated for his legs and treated with equally massive oversize top heavy body and arms. I would say he is indeed a hefty piece of action figure with great sculpting.

The only gripe that many has commented is the red tubing which Bane usually have green tubing as in the prior series. But with the adaptation from the game, he is very much accurate in this sense and if you already have the Arkham Asylum Bane, adding this will be a variety to your collection.

In the 2 pack, Bane is definitely the star in the pack and putting Batman in shadow. Not because Batman is not good enough but we just have too many Batman to go along and this Batman is not totally new sculpting.

The body has sculpted veins and metal studs implanted onto his body to plug in the tubes and the pale body tone is added with purplish rash to show some bruising affected by the metal studs implant. Pretty cool details on the color and sculpt.

The back pack is glued on and it is not removable. The paint is well done and some metal texture is also observed with some old metal wash effect.

He has quite a considerable amount of articulations adding up to 18 but the waist part is too tight and it seems stuck for my case. Since it has a cut at the waist line, I believe it can be articulated.

The whole figure is very top heavy and weighs about 920g, standing at 9 and 1/4 inches tall with width from arm to arm measuring slightly above 7 inches. That is quite a massive hefty figure you getting here with no savings on weight itself.

Overall, a great figure if you missed the first version or you are a collector. I would say he does not disappoint. 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ultraman is Here !


Expecting the Japanese Kaiju fighting hero but here comes Superman turns evil into Ultraman !

The New 52 action figures from Dc Direct has brought us a very nice figure indeed. This is Ultraman featured in red beaming eyes in battle suffering from battle torn cape and having a rustic look. Superman is always so clean and I like to see some dark side of him in this representation.

The musculine body and blue color tone used is darker. Detail expression of his face and neck strain are sculpted donning his signature hairstyle.

The highlight is his torn cape which I am very pleased and its draping over his shoulder with some tiny mud specks, showing how much fighting he has went through in this universe.

The paint job on his chest symbol and belt are sloppy though.

A strong and nice Superman figure to add to your collection.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Feet turns Ugly....Penguin of Batman lurks on!

Before Happy Feet, there was Penguin and he aren't very happy with his life and turns into the leader of the penguin pack commanding them against Batman. Somehow the bat taste better than the fish for this Penguin.

I am still continuing my Legends of Batman series of villains in this round and I just have to reintroduce these guys back on the center stage to appraise for their legendary designs which have been long forgotten by many.

Already in 1997, we are given a good standard of collectible action figures which paved the way for all current figures we have now. The competition is as high as today where toy companies fought hard to win over both kids and the growing adult collectors where they need to meet both ends unlike now where the difference are already defined in some areas of toys.

The Penguin which I got was in used lose condition but complete with accessories and comes with bit of age weathering that I termed as nature's paint works.

Although you cannot really posed Penguin as his legs are on fixed position, you can use his 3 limited articulations to render him around.

He wears a full crow sculpted coat matching with his umbrella top and topping off with his signature tall hat and walking stick. The crow covered design looks like the crows covered him in total to form the coat. Impressively, you may imagine the crows can transform his coat back by flying out and back to form the coat again.

Even the walking stick is not spared with details which can be installed with the umbrella top for him to take out some sunshine.

The umbrella top can also be snapped onto his back for storage or act as a shield which we used to do that for Captain America figures from Marvel Legends.

An impressive face sculpt showing his grin and pointy nose job while not forgetting his penguin-like fingers sculpted on his left hand.

Even when we have the newer Penguin from DCDirect, this Penguin does not disappoint even until today or maybe days beyond.

For a happy feet time, give yourself a snappy try.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Do you have a crow problem? Need a Scarecrow?

Scarecrow is a dummy made of straws to scare away crows in the fields.

Oh, we are not talking about that scarecrow but this Twister Strike Scarecrow from the Legends of Batman or one of the arch enemies of Batman.

Scarecrow is able to strike a twister spin rotating 360 degrees by pulling his waist up to release the gimmick. You are able to lock it back to a ratchet waist joint by snapping it back. Cool and useful for a helicopter chopping action.

He also features a red eye light piping and glows in the nightmare to scare you while slashing with his scythe.

His tattered cloth, hat and stick like limps are all detailed if you pay attention to them as they are not shaded or paint washed to bring out the effect.

The one lacking point is his articulation which he only have 5 points namely at the neck, both arms, waist rotation and legs. For his arms, he can only stretch out straight sideways and that's it. Very limited and also his posing makes him slightly tricky to stand due to his feet position.

Even with his bended knees pose, he still match up to about 7.5 inches tall. Not bad for a Kenner figure which they are used to do smaller scales.

This is one of the Batman series figures in the last reining days of Kenner that still impresses me until today.

If you ever see him in card, open him out for a spin.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Who needs a Laugh? Here comes the Joker !


The man who loves to laugh makes his debut by giving you the time to explode your smile....

This is Laughing Gas Joker in 1997 during the Legends of Batman when he hides his disguise of time bomb for laughing gas in his oversize suit, waiting for the opportune time to expose himself with his gas canisters.

What an effort to make a big laugh !

Seen in the last days of Kenner, these figures are the biggest scale in the Batman line then and are spotting details to fight back in the challenging market.

However, we still gets the play gimmick of exploding Joker suit by the press of a button to expose his true self. Even with his suit on, you can still move his arms holding his gun, which means he only have 3 points of articulations including his head rotation.

As in the signature of Kenner days introducing play value for action figures, we are getting less of such features now as kids no longer play with toys while leaving adults to appreciate them.

Besides a gun, you get an evil Joker minion with a sinister smile and he does looks like some evil poker card coming out of Alice Wonderland. A nice addition with zero articulation.

Overall, he is a unique Joker that will never be duplicate in the future.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Barbarian....Origins of Diablo

March is here and calls for the end of my holidays in Chinese Lunar New Year. I still have many wonderful picks that stacks up for your viewing.

Following my last post on the Diablo, Lord of Terror, I have the Barbarian who is also from the same series.

These figures are very much neglected and forgotten by many as time flies and they have existed since year 2000.

The figure will not be appreciated if I have not taken him out to examine the details since he looks a bit on a smaller size. However, he is still packed with details that amazes me. With a limited articulations and fixated stance, he is still stand at about 5 inches and you really cannot do much on his posing. Articulated only on neck, shoulders, waist, hips, forearms and ponytail which accounted for a total of 9.

The highlight of him shall be his detail face sculpt, muscles, clothing and armor accompanied by details on his 4 weapons (Shield, sword, axe and knife).

His expressions and details crafted makes this figure an awesome treat, if you can get hold of him and release him from the plastic cell.

See if you have some luck getting him and try not to over pay for him.

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