Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Collection Exposed : Small Soldiers

Ever wonder if your toys were to come to life !!!

In the 80's we have Child's Play and 90's we have a cool team of Small Soldiers.

Do not wish for them to come alive or you shall be crushed and that depends on how big your collection is.

So no no no.

Watch the movie and have fun with the toys.

The movie is great especially you are a toy collector and just like Toy Story, it tells a story about toys having it's own life and feelings. Never noticed Kirsten Durst was in this movie and look how young she was.

In small soldiers, the Gorgonites led by Archer are the good guys and the Elite Team is the evil ones. Reversal roles down here. Watch the movie if you miss or don't even know it's existence.

The toys are great and running expensive in the bay but if you can get a pair of the lead actors, Chip Hazard and Archer, which even better if they are the 12 inch versions. That will be a good start to end too.

12 inches came in two versions. One can "talk" the other cannot. Only the electronic chip difference ad some fabric for the non-talking ones.

And I have the quiet ones. They are still in the box since they arrive a decade ago.

All small soldiers are produced by Kenner back then and now they are history.

I just managed to get hold of the first set of Chip Hazard and Archer figures which are the 6 inches and they are both well equip with accessories as in the movie. Even Chip punching knuckle is packaged with the stretch form bubble to simulate he is trying to get out like in the movie.

Movie Trailers for your Pleasures


  1. It's been a very long time having seen these and I think they still look great.

  2. Yes they do and they are fun figures as well. Like the movie