Friday, March 8, 2013

Collection Exposed : MONEV the GALE (TRIGUN)

Monev the Gale, who is that? If you are into the Trigun manic, then he is definitely a celebrity to you but for people like me. I just know he is a coooool figure to get. Pity me but what the hack !

For a little introduction, Monev is sent to kill Vash the Stampede, but eventually defeated by Vash.

This Kaiyodo figure is the same people who produced Trigun Vash which I had in my collection. But this massive power demon is detail until the very end of his bullets. The 2 mega guns on his back and chains of ammunition just blows me away. Added onto his paint application, he is by far a standard not to be dismissed even til now, although he is emerge back in the late 90's.

If you ever come across him, do not run but claim him into your alliance.

For mine, he will just remain in the bubble seclusion.

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