Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movies Screen : Warm Bodies

Zombies zombies zombies. This is not just another zombie movie, it is another cross love mix breed movie. Yes, you got that feeling that you are watching a lighter part of Twilight Saga.

Here Nicholas Hoult (also in Jack the Giant Slayer and X Men as Beast), known as R the zombie in the movie is a unique zombie, who tries to be different.

And one fine day, as usual, met this girl, Julie in feast fight, ended up eating her boyfriend brain and fell in love with her. His heart starts to react and slowly cures him into human again.

So for this movie, you got a cure called "Love" where other Zombie zone like Will Smith were in " I am a Legend" needs him to be the cure.

This "Love" cure is better and needs a series of care and therapy.

Well, I was treated to this movie, so no compliants.

Light-hearted with no heart throbbing actions except for the Bony guys.


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