Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's the Catch? : Metal Gear Solid

Having been busy and unable to write about my adventures of toy hunting, today is the day that makes it happen.

As I am always looking out for good bargains and waiting to jump onto a long awaiting find. I finally got myself an almost complete set of Metal Gear Solid figures from the makers of McFarlane.

Again, I did not get them during their early launch in 2000 and have been waiting for a good buy. Sad to say, toys now are ridiculously priced on the resale market and if you can wait since these are not needs, why not?. It makes the whole collecting process becomes more forward looking.

Anyway, here are my load of treasures found.

They come with detailed weapons and impressive at it's standard. Although figures may not match up to the latest PlayArts standard but they are playable, poseable and you do not lose much out of it. 

For now, I will just showcase them as a group. Maybe, an individual introduction later. 

Meantime, take care and enjoy the rest of the week.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Collection Exposed : Wrestle Mania Legends

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Apart from my usual collection of action figures, I have a tiny collection of wrestling figures that are made from Jakks Pacific and only those characters whom I can recognize during my time of wrestling.

Now it has changes from WWF to WWE and proclaimed as entertainment at the later stage, people still wrestle around the crude funny story line which are now more "intense". However, I still like the old times when Hulk Hogan is the King of the Ring and back then, things are simple.

Now heroes become legends and here are some guys whom you will never forget, if you ever wrestle mania before.

Here are Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collection Exposed : The Mask - Wolf transformation

While digging into my hoard of toys wrap up in ziplog bags, I found the Mask form the movie which Jim Carrey acted in 1994 and it was a big hit that also introduces Cameron Diaz to the silver screen in WOW!!!

Fortunate enough, they do have some toys to go with and some silly images created based on the character. Playable and fun which I got it loose many years back in the flea market.

This action figure shows a large wolf dropping jaw down to his torso. and popping eyes.

Just one of those toys which you see in the era of Ghostbusters and they do not exist in such manner now.

Here is he, in some brought back shots. Hope he fills in your Halloween time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


WOW !!! A dream come true for many many Transformers' fans and especially for the 80's new kids on the block who grew up with the Transformers.

Hoping one day a re-release is going to happen and it finally came. I was so happy to see the news of this release though I am not as fast as the die-hard fans.

It is a GREAT piece of good news for this holy grail of Transformer toy to be re-released after 10 years from Brave Maximus release.

For the price, it is no much different from the Brave Maximus market price, which I sold off many years and regretted later. So this is another opportunity to own one again.

Many are also hoping for the Grand Maximus to resurface but it may be resurrected if Fortress Maximus response is overwhelming enough to push the company to re-release it. Chances are high as they have been releasing reissues of the G1 toys ever since...

So grab yours if you miss the Fortress Maximus back in the 80's but it is definitely not going to be the same price as then.

Promotional picture of the Encore#23 Fortress Maximus

Original G1 Fortress Maximus - Picture - Courtesy of

Box Art of G1 Fortress Maximus 

G1 Grand Maximus

Box Art of G1 Grand Maximus

Brave Maximus

Box Art of Brave Maximus

Fortress Maximus video review by Optibotimus

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yet another toy from the Mutant Earth series which I have. This is the 3rd figure which I have showcased here.

He is Trakk, human, Earth Guardian, warrior. Big muscle, big sword, big guns !!!

He reminds me of the Rock from WWE. The physic and the look tells it all.

Anyway, another piece of detailed toy from Stan Winston studio.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's the Catch? : Ringwraith Riding

Phew...!!! It has been more than a week since my last post. Been busy and unable to write but never miss the opportunity to seize the right toy that comes along.

And here comes a chance when my infrequent visits to the flea market ends up with no picks. But sometimes, you just hit it and I pick up a toy from Lord of the Rings.

My precious.....

Sounds familiar?

That is Gollum's verse for this precious and what is your precious. Hope you do not get too attached to your toys yeh.

One of my favorite toy lines from Toybiz and still collecting along my way, I pick up my second pair of the Ringwraith with the horse at a good price.

With the Hobbits movie coming along and the toys which I previewed, were no match to the original line, this set of Ringwraith and horse really kicks in. Wonder how many still remembers this line of toys, which of course, is not consider vintage yet.

The horse is well detailed but comes with a playable yet unnecessary front kicking action at the push of the button on it's butt (Butt - On?).

The red eyes lit up when you pull the rope. Cool !!!

Ringwraith figure is not so great since he is always hollow and faceless, but he does comes with a sword and scabbard. Some tattering of the cloak and mud splattering completes the figure.

Nevertheless, here is the menace reveal from my journey to the toy hunt.