Friday, June 27, 2014

Catching Flash.........................................

How do you catch a Flash? Especially a Flash from the Golden Age !

This is Jay Garrick, the Flash from the Golden Age series of Dc Direct.

Noticeably, a classic aged flash wearing a helmet of War World 1 veterans with wings but never seems to leave his head ever at his near light speed actions.

He does shows a considerably amount of age and donning that classic costume completes lighting bolt in the 1940's.

Wondering why he does not need a mask for cover, he just vibrates to hide identity. Guess technology isn't that advance to capture during that period.

Here's the Flash !

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

When the Fly transform into Predacon !!!

When "The Fly" get his next upgrade into a Predacon. How will he look like?

A Fliespinator ? Oops !

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thinking on a Sentinel #Ironman

Does thinking on the Head of Sentinel makes you more productive?

The risk keeps you going.....Ask Iron Man !

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Monday, June 23, 2014

What's the Catch? : Waspinator

Just gotten this Waspinator from the Transformers Generations.

Comes with a great comic book and I should say, one very interesting design and reminds me more of what Bumblebee should be.

He has a play gimmick of flapping wings and nice paint applications for the bug eyes and a light piping for his robot eyes. The white somehow reduces the texture on his eyes.

Where articulations are concern, he has the right points for the action that you need except some restrictions on his knee which he bend inwards more than you may prefer. Other than that, he can do some kungfu stunts that you assign him.

A nice Wasp transformation but lacking on his hands dangling on his sides. However, you can try the alternative mode I created which look like the FLY !

He even resembles Kamen Riders in his face sculpt. What a great impersonation feature he has.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mars Attack Martian Brain Distintegrator

Buying a toy that has never left the box and risked of having a rotten battery compartment are what I have undertaken as a risk buyer.

The Martian Brain Disintegrator is an interesting ray gun produced as a merchandize during the launch of the movie back in 1996, however, the gun has a very interesting features besides sounds and lights. It has a tuning knob to vary the frequency of the firing sound of the gun and also the brain in the gun actually riggles along while you trigger.

How interesting as you do not get such toys made now.

Unfortunately, mine has suffered the consequences as a battery operated toy problem and it does not "fires" anymore.

However, the gun itself and the box art are still very coooool.

Here are their glory.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Movies Screen : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- Nicklelodeon Style

The turtles are here again ! This time is seriously big !

They have been in the movie screen for over 2 decades and still a strong theme to be in.

Let's call it TURTLE POWER !!!

Besides the Ninja kicking actions and fun by the Turtles, we have Apil'O Neil played by Megan Fox, that is some attention given.

Let us see how far we have come from the 1990's. Here is some blast from the past. They used to look more cute.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Collection Exposed : Land of Oz. #Mcfarlane

One of my childhood regular TV or cartoon series is catching glimpse of Wizards of Oz and the characters are trying to be what they hope for. But I never yearned for any action figures back then for them.

However, I will not be tempted if they made the regular figures until I saw the twisted version done by McFarlane toys. As always, impressive sculpting and added accessories that brings out the awe in the toys.

And it comes with some gore and blood and sex appeal which is not for the young. Parental guidance is required for these figures.

The first figure that impresses me is the Lion that comes with immerse crazy sculpting and battle scars but his head sculpt is what captures the warrior in him.

The Woodman is one figure that features many articulations which unlike McFarlane toys.

And next comes Toto, a beast like creature that have translucent skin texture which you can see his internal organs.

The rest are scarecrow that has some good messed up sculpting and crows to go along, the wizards which I have yet to find his strengths and lastly Dorothy, who screams a whole lot of sex appeals.

Nevertheless, you never get over these splendid figures with limited action but will never wish they came alive......

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Hail Megatron !

Since 2007, Megatron has traumatized the movie and is still the ever competent opponent to Optimus Prime.

Somehow, their relationship set on a similar destiny as Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr in X-Men, where they both respect each other yet hate the sides one have taken.

With Megatron gone in the last movie, he is rebirth as Galvatron...

Before Galvatron, this is how Megatron looks in his ever first movie appearance as a toy !

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Catch a Dragon?

Transformers craze is back again with the new movie jamming in this month. This is going to be a big summer time for all soccer fans and transformers fans in a single month.

Before this line gets really crazy, it is time dig back an older series from Beast Hunters, which somehow lacks a strong appeal to many. However, there are still some robots worth a penny in my pocket.

The Predaking is one Ultimate figure to hunt and it got to be a worthy price point before I nail it.

Well, as patience do pays off, I finally decided on the Ultimate version over the Cyberverse Voager class.

The awesome wingspan and scale is what attracts me aside from the robot mode that is equally impressive.

There are many good reviews out there for you to decide your buys but nothing beats holding it.

So the Dragon lands and here is my PREDAKING !!!

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