About Me

Combining my 2 major passions. Toys and photography, pushes me to create Daily Toyz Blog to showcase my works of photography by capturing the Portraits of Toyz and catalog my collections while sharing with the world on my thoughts and writings.

Feel free to join me in my quest together with the rest of all toy lovers while we try to make this world a better place.

Comments are welcome but be gentle for the young to read.

Be merry and make every day count !

Cheers and be good always.


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Main Features of my Blog

Portraits of Toyz - A showcase of the personal collections of portraits photographed by me.

Femme Nikitas  - A showcase of female characters in my collection.

Grab A Toy - Here are some pieces of collection which I let go for Sale or exchange.

Click & Print Shop - Here are some selected pieces of prints which I have worked on and have posted them for purchase in media such as posters, Iphone / Galaxy phone covers, Ipad covers, T-Shirts, stickers etc.

Decorative Art - This column is dedicated to decorative Art which can add flavors to your living spaces and how it may works for you through some pieces of collections in toys, culture art, antiques. The unique nature of toys whether vintage or new, they are designed for play and gradually became decorative displays and some became value investments. Whichever the case, use them wisely, they can bring fun into your daily living spaces.

Blog List - A list of creative blogs which I follow in the community of toys.

Toy Video Reviews and Action Channels - A list of review channel from the talented people of youtube.

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