Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's the Catch? : Orc Shaman from World of Warcraft

From the infamous Blizzard online games, World of Warcraft, numerous characters have emerged and take fantasies into the hearts of all fans. While not neglecting their potential of the characters which mostly based on mystical beings and with such rich basis, they are great to be released into our world of action figures.

Design and produced by DC Unlimited, the figures are known for its immerse details and statue posture with limited articulations. So much less that one can say they do not qualify for action figures.

Well, if you are an adult collector and rarely plays with your toys, they are good display pieces. So no screaming at the losses but focus on its details.

Apart from the very few WOW figures I had, Rehgar Earthfury, Orc Shaman, is one of the few outstanding figures which I wanted to get. He comes from series one and one of the few I like with the immerse detailing from his head to toe and armor are insanely crafted.

Based on his size, he can probably match up and stand off with my Hulk as green is their fave.

So if you ever wanted to have this guy, be prepared to sacrifice for movements. Aim for the details. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Toy VIewing : DC Universe Mongul

Yet another DC figure from my collection. Lately, I am getting a few good DC characters into my collection and I have to say, they are amazingly detailed and I am impressed with some characters made. One of them is Mongul which I have seen quite a few varieties produced.

However, only one Mongul will do for me and it happens to be this pink Mongul. I am not into this character and seeing a pink Supervillian does have its perks. Fashionably done up and he can join the Barbie party as a bouncer.

As a supervillian, I have no idea why he is in pink. However, he does make an appeal on the overall paint job which is striking with highlights and his metallic blue boots looks cool.

One key attraction shall be his head sculpt, here is an angry stern face with red eyes.

As part of the Sinestro corp, he is given a yellow lantern ring on his left hand.

Basic articulations are there but setbacks such clench fists, loose neck joints, limitations on his waist turn and no wrists articulation, just takes some points off this figure.

Another let down is his emblem on his chest which seems to be missing something.

So here is pinky Mongul on the go for you.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Toy Viewing : Planet X Batman & Batmite

Batman of Zul-En-Arrh.....comes forth as Planet X Batman in a most impossible costume selection of colors that a dark knight of earth will suit up.

He is bright with red and yellow and taking on his arch enemy, Joker's favorite color of purple for his tattered cape. While the cape is tattered with holes, his main weapon of choice is a baseball bat !!!

This batman is all wrong for the dark crusader whom we all use to know. He now don the same bright outfit like Robin. Who knows how long has he fancy Robin's outrageous color choice for his suit.

To kick in a punch for al these mismatch, we have Batmite as his sidekick. He is one angry pissed off mite.

This is one definite batman that all fans or non-fans should have. He is unique, weird, out of the normal and funny to have. The whole concept is weird to base on to the dark crusader image. That is one figure that should stand out amongst your collection.

His head gear and costume also shows stitches that tell you, the costume is self made and cheap. The Bat symbol is one out of the usual too but I personally like the design.The only advance device he has is the communicating device on his belt. Have you seen a bat holds a "bat"?

With all the colors and fun. Planet X Batman and Batmite is one heck of a mighty team in Zul-En-Arrh (Where is this place???).

Friday, August 9, 2013

What's the Catch? : DC Universe Black Hand

Black Hand from the DC Universe Classics and from the Green Lantern line. Other than Batman and Superman from DC line which I collect, basically, I do not take in other characters. Here is one character which I do not know again but am impressed with it's sculpt and style.

He looks cool and somewhat close to range in Marvel legends standards. He is the Black Hand from the Green Lantern series.

Little did I know about him but this figure is cool. The head sculpt is detail and the blue and black costume calls in the evil all over him. This is one figure that is close to Marvel legends standards.

His rugged pale skin on his face just brings on the evil and coldness in him. A direct recognizable supervillain bundle with basic articulations of a DC action figures and features a black ring on his right hand. The metallic sign on his head gear and chest shines on.

With DC continues to chunk out less significant characters just like Marvel is doing, we will be seeing figures which we never get to have. Move aside, Superman, Batman, here comes those who have been forgotten or not known to many yet.

Welcome Black Hand !