Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's the Catch? : Rhino of Marvel Select

Have been restraining myself in buying toys lately. No see no shop no urge and no need. This should stop or slow down my purchases. Hopefully, spending on serious buys.

However, as collectors alike, we are always in challenges within ourselves and the market, constant struggle should reduce if you train harder. Haha.

But this time, I was given away to the Rhino figure from Marvel Select. This guy has finally arrived and I got to get him, since I do not own any Rhino figures, this is the one figure which I think worth my wait and money.

All reviews can be found in the good people in youtube videos, which also net me down.

As such, I shall not dwell much into the figure review and just to show him as it is.

On a personal note, he is very detailed but I would like him to be bulkier. Nevertheless, this solid mass still works for me. Comes with no accessories and he is more pose-able than MS Juggernaut.

  Tidal Blast 


  1. Another Thick Marvel Select! Excellent. : )

  2. Yes, they are good at getting out thick figures. Very solid indeed. :)