Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mutant Earth : Maloch Holiday

From my Mutant Earth collection, I have delayed the shoot for Maloch and here is the time for him to take on the center stage.

I do not know much about this character but it is one creation from Stan Winston studio who brought us the infamous Terminator and Aliens. So how wrong can you go for the toys that he had designed.

He is an early 21st Century figure and even now the details on him alone is of great standards. You cannot say much about his articulations which is a typical 9 pointer and comes with an interchangeable arm for a power packed machine gun. You can plug it into any of the both arms for a change.

Immense details on machine parts and alien like body are just some highlights for this figure. A part Alien part machine hybrid and he is one of the four figures I had in this series which I have shared in my blog.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What to SHREK about?

The green Ogre....Shrek ! You can never forget the hilarious creative storyline brought about through the various fairy tales which we are familiar with during our childhood. This is one funny movie and kept me laughing over again.

I stumbled upon my set of Mcdonald's toy set of Shrek and I thought they do deserve some limelight to share about.

To far far away........

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where skeleton turns SkullSplitter

When it comes to toys, skulls are an element that still thrills us but not in reality. It makes an action figure looks cool and bad guys looks fearsome. To name a famous character will be Skeletor, but today I have SkullSplitter from the Spawn series by McFarlane.

This is one impressive sculpted figure which I had to show and he has so much details and materials that went into him.

As Easter is coming, it may not be an ideal figure to feature compare to Halloween but good things are meant for anytime.

Apart from the basic articulations he possessed, he comes with a highly detailed shield which shows details even on the inside while the sword he wields has some carving on the blade. A demon package deal complete with his cape.

I will let the pictures do the talking while Skeletor fights off for the One Skull title.

Happy Easter !

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Return of the Masters....MOTU

With the success of operation "Saving He-Man", many of his friends and foes have recovered. Standing tall and sturdy to fight another day.

Before taking their sides, all came on for a final  "friendly" gather.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saving He-Man

With my recent prize jewel of Masters of the Universe stash, my project was to restore them to their formal glory since they suffered from the common leg disorder "disease" of all 1980's born figures.

It was not the first time I done this operation and all thanks for the good folks of Youtube sharing their ingenious idea on restoration for them which I am going to share it here even if you may have already know. It is for the benefit of many others and for my revision in future.

However, this is a fun ordeal for any toy collectors who are able to put their hands to repair their toys. It makes it very interesting for me to spend my private time with them proper again. It's a hobby not work. No stress just pure fun.

Before I wheel out the figures out from my operation table, I will include an example from Youtube for the repair for your reference. I will not be going through the whole process but just to highlight some tips which I came across during my operation that may help you better based on my experience.

Preparation :

Parts -

1) C-Hook Diameter 1/2 inch. I prefer to use an open-end hook.
2) Rubber "O" Ring used for plumbing Diameter. Some may use bigger size "O" ring.

Tools -

1) A pair of Pliers
2) A pair of wire cutter
3) Screwdriver (Use for digging out excess rubber and for support)
4) A string or wire
5) A drill bit (Dia 4.2mm) (Not necessary but helps to dig out the excess rubber in the leg)


1) Remove all excess rubber in the legs by digging using a screwdriver and / or you can hand turn a drill bit to remove the rubber.

2) Use a pair of pliers to hold the C-Hook and screw into both legs. One C-Hook for one leg.

3) Hook on the "O' ring and close the C-Hook using the pliers for one leg.

4) Loop a string or wire into the "O" ring with the C-Hook and string through the access hole inside the leg compartment and pull over the "O" ring

5) Use a screwdriver to support the "O" ring and use the pliers to hold the C-Hook to support your screwing of your leg further inwards.

 Walah ! A Healthy He-Man.

Reference video for repair from good folks of Youtube.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Michael Jordan's nightmare - The MonStars of Space Jam

In 1996, a collaboration between Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes came on the Silver Screen which inspired the famous song "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly. It is also where Michael Jordan stars in line with the bunch of Looney Tunes cast.

Many have done such feats before but nothing beats seeing the king of basketball in movie action with Bug Bunny!

We get to see legendary players like Larry Johnson who talents were stolen by Burpkas, Charles Barkley's talents stolen by Pound, Shawn Bradley's talents stolen by Blanko, Muggsy Bogues's talents stolen by Nawt and finally Patrck Ewing's talents stolen by Bang.

We also gets the toys made for it. Over here, I have the group of Monstars with their competitive Tune Squad characters but missing Bang.

Relive the moments....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The curse of MOTU figures

Gotten a stash of vintage MOTU figures and Castle Grayskull, they are commonly suffering from a leg disorder disease. Battle has spewed blood with He-Man bringing down Skeletor to the grounds by slamming down gates of Grayskull.

Who would know Ram Man shall be the last man standing after all these years of battle.

My next mission will be to restore them to their formal glory and update them again in my posts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's the Catch : Spawn

Spawn figures have sparked off my toy collecting back in the late 90's even though I love toys during my childhood days and have preserved some of my old toys until now. However, McFarlane toys are something which still awe me to date and have put me on a periodic hunting whenever I saw a few good figures.

Some of the amazing figures I picked up are the Skull Splitter Variant from Series 22 : Dark Age Spawn, The Viking Age, Series 24 : Issue 88 - The "Halloween Spawn", gorgeous "Flying Spawn" from Issue 43 of series 24 and finally the most articulated Spawn from the 10th Anniversary.

Hopefully I can show them to you in time to come. For now, they just have to stay in the protective plastic "jail" for extra security.

#spawn #mcfarlane