Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's the Catch? : Marvel Legends Juggernaut

The Legend has spoken and I finally claim one of the holy grail of the Marvel Legends team from Toybiz.

Cain Marko is JUGGERNAUT !!!

Oh.. not another Juggernaut post again. But I just have to do it.

If you are a Marvel Legends fans, this is a must have figure.

I already had the Marvel Select Juggernaut but the Toybiz Juggy have it's side of strength.

I know there are already tons of reviews out there for him so I just have to add in my point of view. The rest is a fact.

In terms of articulations and the technology design to put him together is second to none. He has a unique waist articulation and back muscle articulation which MS Juggy lacks totally.

The only two things which I do not like, are his over rated veins on his arms and the "Ronald McDonald" shoes coupled with a thin ankles. It just looks weird. But he is very poseable.

In terms of scale, in my opinion, MS Juggy is better proportion.

For MS Juggy, you just have to pose him well and he looks great in sizing up well too.


  1. Yeah am not too crazy about those veins either but other wise he is great.

  2. The veins makes him looks intoxicated. Haha.