Monday, April 29, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are - Moishe the Monster

Arggghh...Here goes Max and he went wild with the Wild Things.

A simple children's book by Maurice Sendak.

I got Moishe here as a cute figure produced by McFarlane. He has three points of articulations - Both arms and tail. He is more like a statue. Well, that's fine for a figure like the Wild things and they look good together, unfortunately, I only have Moishe. The rest will have to wait.

Since I got him at a reasonable price with the book, I might as well buy the DVD to watch the movie.

However, in the movie, Moishe is called Carol. Weird! He is the main character amongst the monsters. The movie is actually kind of slow and you cannot expect much as the storybook is just so simple. There are still lessons to be learned in it and you will begin to notice the simplicity of the story. LOVE.

I hope I can gather the rest of the team to start the rumpus. Woooooo......

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Transformers vehicle Die Cast

Continuing from my last venture of surprise find of the Tomica Batmobile, I stumbled into Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the Dream Tomica Series.

Both are in their vehicle mode and they do not transform. Just a replica version of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee but recognizable from their color and outlook.

Here they are in macro zoom mode. Let's roll....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Toy Viewing : Ghostbusters

Back in the early 80's, Ghostbusters Movie was a big hit and all are amazed with the effects of ghosts and sci-fi is a boom.

The most vivid scene to me is the library scene where we first saw slimer. I still prefer Slimer in the cartoon series since he is portrayed in a cuter way.

Amongst the gadgets used by the ghostbusters to capture the ghosts, the transport ECTO-1 is an iconic vehicle, a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance.

Toys have been went into collectibles and finally Mattel started to re-make the Ghostbusters franchise action figures.

Since the Matty guys are continuing to give us quality action figures but prices are plummeting into non-kiddish tags with inflation on the mark. No wonder, children gave up toys and grown ups took over the fun and collecting.

That is not the issue here, or rather let's talk about the four famous ghostbusters I have over here.

Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond "Ray" Stanz, Dr Egon Spendler and Winston Zeddermore.

Compare the older figures, this set are getting good articulations, great head sculpt and detail proton packs to go along.

Even feature a ghost trap with blazing effects to go along.

If you ever wanted a set of Ghostbusters. Get a set of four in their iconic jumpsuit and packs, that should be a good enough for a flashback collection set.

 Peter Venkman

 Dr Egon 


Dr Ray


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toy Viewing : Abomination of the Marvel Legends

When there is Hulk, there is Abomination !

Another green marvel character evolved through the aid of gamma radiation which turn him into another menace.

Put aside his comic history, as an action figure, he is to be rivaled with Hulk and this version of Abomination from Toybiz creation does have some good sized up before the arrival of the Marvel Select version.

However, he is one of the Marvel Legends figures which I always wanted to get due to its good size and great sculpt. Every action figure has it's appeal, it's just how you look at it.

The only set back which most reviews have concerns his turtle like feet and you can even double him up with the TMNT guys and pack it as a new story clash.

In terms of articulation and size, I really have no concerns and not to disregard his detail head sculpt.

Another big fellow joins the team.

Monday, April 15, 2013

What's the Catch? : Ghostbusters with a Green Marvel

Good Monday !!! What have you gain for the past week? 

What's the Catch?, features the toys which I hunted down and acquired, then presenting to you like any other collectors.

Yesterday, they just arrived and before I give them an individual exclusive post, I have to showcase them here for you.

The amazing Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 from Hotwheels Elite at 1:18 scale, which is fantastically detailed.

A team of Ghostbusters from Mattel, purely, 6 inches and cannot fit into this Ecto-1.

Finally, Abomination from Marvel Legends produced by Toybiz.

So here they are and I shall blog a post of them hopefully sooner than I expected.

May joy be with you !

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Rhino

Rhino, a breed of marvel toughness. Bump into my tiny little studio for a snapshot.

He rumbles " Shoot me or you shall be crushed?"

And here is the damage !!!

Pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's the Catch? : Mini Batmobile

 In our days of hunting, the most interesting catch will be a surprise one. While heading to watch the G.I. Joe movie, I bumped into a Batmobile and it's small.

Taking time before the movie starts, I was browsing aimlessly in this toy section of a shop and I came across the Tomica showcase, I usually scan for some unique cars which they may released and there it lies, just waiting for me to get him out of the case.

It is a 1st model of the Batmobile from the Dream Tomica series. Its numbered 146. They have also released the Tumbler under 148 too.

Tomica from Takara Tomy, their cars are usually spring loaded for the wheels which simulates suspension but they are not solid die cast like HotWheels or Matchbox, which makes them lighter. Details are great considering it's size.

This time, they finally have a different sets of rims to go with the Batmobile unlike the usual rims which they mass produced for most of their cars.

It's more pricier than Hotwheels or Matchbox but worth the details put in.

It's a Batmobile !!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Collection Exposed : Ghostbusters ECTO-1A

1984 where Ghostbusters came into the movie screen and I am like..WOW ! Immediate liking of this movie and interesting characters.

Of course, they are packed with merchandise like toys for the children to blast the ghost and zoom around the ECTO-1.

Those days, things were so simple. Toys of 80's are made to play and have fun.

Hidden in my collection, I have the ECTO-1A, an upgraded version in Ghostbusters 2. Lots of decals to come along.

Mine still mint in box with a less mint box which has amazing box art.

Here is the trailer for your memories.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stop Motion : Avengers

This is one interesting stop motion merging with movie trailer of Avengers using action figures which I would like to share with you.

Courtesy of PitchFlims.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Blanka the Street Fighter

With volts of electric shocks blowing off my flashlights, Blanka smashes in for a portrait.

I deliberately set him up in the dark and blinding him with a beam of light while he shuns the light source with his big claws which are dangerous pair of demolition.

Just a few quick shots and he is gone, leaving my batteries flat out without charging them for me.

What an experience !

Note : Pictures are copyrighted by jimho. Any use of pictures subject to approval. Many thanks.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toy Viewing : Marv of Sin City

Marv, a die hard character created by Frank Miller and being cast into the Movie, Sin City. Mickey Rourke portrayed Marv in roughness and toughness.

The movie has also brought a series of characters which NECA produced brilliantly and detailed sculpted as well.

Not a very popular line for mainstream collectors, this Marv stands at 18 inch is sturdy and stiff. As usual, electronic sounds plays some lines from the movie.

Since I collect 18 inches figures, this Marv just popped right in as I found him reasonably priced to purchase. You cannot expect articulation from this size of figures and they are just looking great and mighty standing and posing in his charismatic way.

I only found accessories such as the pistol and canister (?) Hmmm...I am suspecting I missed the necklace. Where is it?

The trench coat is well done except for a minor problem at the armpit area where you can see his white T-shirt inside which not supposed to be. But you have to have to had some sacrifice for the arm articulation isn't it. This trench coat should be similar to the Eric Kraven, Crow, which is also produced by NECA.

The boots are well-sculpted with a loosely tied laces and ruggedness. This is somewhat similar again to The Crow.

Anyway, admire the box art given and the figure I posted of Marv, the hardy man.


Marv versus Marvel Rhino

Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspirations : Reflections


I decided to post some pictures of the sites and things I chanced upon. Though may not be great, I hope these pictures are able to bring upon some inspirations or peace for you while you walk the path of life and joy in your collections. Be good !

It's April ! A New Month ! A New Hope !

Have a fun April hunting.