Monday, April 29, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are - Moishe the Monster

Arggghh...Here goes Max and he went wild with the Wild Things.

A simple children's book by Maurice Sendak.

I got Moishe here as a cute figure produced by McFarlane. He has three points of articulations - Both arms and tail. He is more like a statue. Well, that's fine for a figure like the Wild things and they look good together, unfortunately, I only have Moishe. The rest will have to wait.

Since I got him at a reasonable price with the book, I might as well buy the DVD to watch the movie.

However, in the movie, Moishe is called Carol. Weird! He is the main character amongst the monsters. The movie is actually kind of slow and you cannot expect much as the storybook is just so simple. There are still lessons to be learned in it and you will begin to notice the simplicity of the story. LOVE.

I hope I can gather the rest of the team to start the rumpus. Woooooo......


  1. These were pretty nice figures I thought when they came first came out and they look like they still are.

  2. Yes they are and very good representation of the characters themselves too.