Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toy Updates : DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

In the heat of the Movie, which has launched tonight, I will just ride on the wave after my last post on Shockwave from Dark of the Moon.

This is an update post from the "New Toy" post which I listed previously on the DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime (scroll down to view). I think this is worth updating to all of you since TF source has a video review on this guy.

Highly anticipated and clearly reviewed in this video, by

We can have a clear view of this big guy and take note of the retail price quoted.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toy Viewing : ShockWave of DOTM

This is my first DOTM item I picked up, considering the opportunity costs arises in the situation. A discount!. Not fantastic but I see Shockwave as one of the best in its class.

I am not doing a full review as you can find them in other sources. I just picture out ShockWave generally for you to admire.

Realized Hasbro has started to improvise paper based twisties (not the titbits) for the toys rather than the usual plastic secures which makes it easier for consumers to release the menace in the box and probably a cost down or even a so called "Green Act" policy. Which ever the case, it is a good job. You do not have to struggle with the twisties and best of all, you will not get cheated of used toys being re-strung back and sell as new.

Why? the paper based twisties are not as reuseable as the plastic counterparts.

Paper twisties for easy access.

Next, we shall see ShockWave.......

Box Art front

Box Art back - The toy is not even blue as in the picture.

Background card 

Shockwave chest - Slight shine on skeletal chest 

Back view

Side view - No body bulk and yet skeletal

Side view

Weapons layout - Mechtech

Blaster closeup

Vehicle Mode side view

Basically, this toy possess a close feel and likeness to the movie itself. Only set back is that it is "thin"  on it's side. Making it less solid and on a fragile side. Design wise is great but I think it is marketed slightly over priced for its size and quality. Somehow, I feel quality has dropped accordingly.

Nevertheless, Shockwave has some significance in the movie and he is one of the best in this class of DOTM line.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Mouth of Sauron (from the Lord of the Rings)

From the Lord of the Rings, here is the Mouth of Sauron appearing in the Return of the King, where he is beheaded by Aragon.

Below are introduction videos of Mouth of Sauron if you do not remember when he appears and also why he actually gets chooped off. Enjoy and have a good laugh.

Introducing Mouth of Sauron.

This is why Mouth of Sauron gets his head chopped off by Aragon by singing Manamanah...

Note: All pictures of Mouth of Sauron are copyrighted by jimho.

Future Movies : The Hobbit

It will be 10 years by end of this 2011, since the Fellowship of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson, has launched its screening and bring on a new era of movie experience into the 21st Century.

Subsequent two parts, The Two Towers and Return of the King, are screened on the consecutive years followed in 2002 and 2003.

It spins off many medieval, fantasy based movies thereafter but none could match the immensity of the crews, weapons and props produced for the movie itself. You can still visit hobbitant in New Zealand now.

So for fans alike, I believe the feeling of lost of adventure and returning to reality is like the ending of the Lord of the Rings, where Frodo move on with the Elfs and Gandalf departing Middle Earth. Though peace is brought upon mankind.

So after 10 years, Peter Jackson has started the filming of the next great works of J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. This is prior to Lord of the Rings and published in 21st September 1937.

The Hobbit is set for a two part and will be scheduled to screen in 2012 and 2013 but nothing is firm until we see the actual trailer.

So for now, let's watch a preview from Peter Jackson on the first look of The Hobbit.

For a rememberance, I have listed the trailers of Lord of the Rings for pleasure too.

Fellowship of the Rings Trailer

The Two Towers Trailer

Return of the King Trailer

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Toy Release : NECA 19" Predator

NECA who specializes in creating highly detailed action figures inspired from Movies are back again this year to "punish" you with their new 19" Predator.

"Punish" as in they not only create one Predator to satisfy your desire but THREE. And on top of that, NECA did all these three figures with the only difference in its head sculpt. Eventually, their intention is to punish your pockets dry with minimum design changes and production implications in their product and yet get to market and sell you 3 figures with only a head sculpt change.

So how deep the degree you are willing to let them "punish" your pockets? You decide. One piece has set about USD 79.90. However, by the time it travel to here, prices has already went bonkers in specialized toy shops.

But NECA did a really good job to get the BANG out of the fans and consumers alike. They have gotten their way this time to rival against the more expensive and detail Hot Toys competitor. In economical sense, with such great details on the 19" figure and comparably much lower price than the other toy. What do you think?

As for the figure, there are immerse details for this guy and for the first time, I guess, the dreadlocks on their head are each individually moulded and separated. You don't get to see such good details in their past big scale figures.

Over here I have a video review of the Open Mouth Predator for you to judge.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flashback : Centurions - Power Extreme

Today, I give you a flashback to the 80's where cartoons are flooding the TV programs and kids are always treated with good pure cartoons. Basic heroes vs villians like He-Man, Mask, Transformers, Centurions and many others.

From the Power Extreme, Centurions. 3 modes of defence and attack in Air, Land and Sea are Ace McCloud, Jake RockWell and Max Rey respectively rules and fight against the evil doers. (Dr Terror and Hacker).

These action figures are packed with lots of snapped on vehicles and armourment which makes them invincible in each arena. Interesting ideas of the 80's toys where you rarely see in tys nowadays.

Toys of these are currently are pretty hyped up. Prices soared for even an incomplete loose figure. Since the cartoon has died out, its only the die hard fans of yester years and maybe some after 90's new kid on the block will know who they are now. So market is getting niche.

Here are some of my personal portraits of them. Unfortunately, I do not have Dr Terror in possession.

Max Rey

Ace McCloud

Jake RockWell


Updated 9th Sept 2011: Dr Terror Portrait extracted from "Toy Viewing: Dr Terror " post.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trailers : Transformers : Dark of the Moon featuring Linkin Park "Iridescent"

Already seen countless times of the trailers of Dark of the Moon?

Never enough and packed on with Linkin Park's "Iridescent".

Here I give you an all 3 in one shot viewing pleasure.

After Link Park, below are the 2 official trailers and here comes the movie launch by end June 2011.

Official Movie Trailer 

Official Movie Trailer 2 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Toy Release : DA-28 Striker Optimus Prime, DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime & Ultimate Optimus Prime

Updated on 25th Sept 2011

Back in June, Ultimate Optimus Prime and Jetwing Prime are officially disclosed for release and they have ramped up the heart beat of the fans.

Rumours have it then that DA-28 Striker Optimus Prime will be hit into the next launch and now we have the official pictures of him with new meachtech weapon and shield.

I do not want to create another post instead I continue to update this Prime post for you to have a most dated Prime release.


Updated: 8th Sept 2011

I will always try to update my posts as the first introduction do not have it's presence in the market yet and collectors have not gotten their hands on it. Now, we have video review of JetWing Optimus Prime and  Ultimate Optimus Prime updated. Below are selected review videos by Optibotimus.

DA-15 JetWing Optimus Prime

Ultimate Optimus Prime

Dated on 16th June 2011

Here are the releases of the Ulitmate Optimus Prime and Jetwing Optimus Prime which I presume all fans are anticipating.

Here are the pictures taken from Toyko Toy Show 2011

Ultimate Optimus Prime

 DA-15 JetWing Optimus Prime

And here are the videos updates from of Ultimate Optimus but this is a modified paint job which looks far better than the original set which you will see in the market. What do you expect.

Actual package of Ultimate Optimus Prime. News has it that it has been released and expect a big price tag on this guy.

And here is DA-15 JetWing Optimus in action.

New Toy Release : Dark Of The Moon Leader Ironhide

Dark of the Moon Leader Class Ironhide is out officially.

Local appearance may have to wait and keep a lookout for its arrival.

He looks great and detail in picture below. Its a leader class size!!!


(below information is updated on 18th Aug 2011)
I am upgrading the information for this set as there are rising concerns on it's head which by default, it cannot turn. There are no two versions of leader Class Ironhide in the market which I thought there is since the review videos all show positive head turning. This has misled all buyers.

Claimed by other forums, fans observed by forcing it's head to turn, the glue deters the movement breaks away. Most of them are suscessful after sufferring from a loud break sound that they commented and thought it is broken. However, it frees up the head movement. There you go, head turns.....

Note; Do it at your own risks.

I also included a video updated by fans on the removal of the mask below.

Here is a video review of Ironhide

How to remove Iornhide's mask.

Portrait of Toyz : Venom

This is Venom from Spiderman Movie and the figure featured here is created and produced by Hasbro in year 2008.

Nice head sculpt with 14 articulations. In black and detail imprints of web patterns. Its almost close to what you see in the 3rd Movie.

Comes with webs which is not shown in the pictures.

Note : All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Portrait of Toyz : Vengeance from Marvel Legends

Vengeance... This guy came from Marvel legends Series 11, which features together with other legendary riders. If you are familiar with the ML series, you know who they are but I am not going to dwell into that.

Over here, Vengeance, whom I regards as a subset of the more famous Ghostrider, seen here posing with his skeletal frame bike with flame tyres. I have incluede him in the original ML package for your reference.

A hell rider with his "Helly Davidson".

Do you feel the vengeance.....

Vengeance in package.

Note: All portraits of toys are copyrighted by jimho 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Watch Movie : X Men First Class

A great movie which depicts the origin of Professor X and Magneto.

Bounded through friendship, separate by belief.

Charles :  "Listen very carefully my friend, killing will not bring you peace." .
Erik : "Peace was never an option."

If you are a fan, watch it, if you are a movie goer, watch it. If you have nothing to do, watch this!

I brought out both figures of Professor X and Magneto from the X Men Movie where they became what they are destine to be.

Charles Xavier as Professor X in the near future.

Erik as Magneto.