Saturday, June 9, 2018

What's the Catch : Beast Wars Tako Tank (タコタンク Tako Tanku)

This is the year 2018.
Date is 9th Jun.
Day is Saturday.

Been over a year since my last post as I am being lazy in post but actively posting over in Instagram, just like most collectors now.

But this is a day of surprise and worth my writing.

This is the day I found Tako !!! Tako Tank from Beast Wars of Japanese.

He is an octopus vehicle which I do not consider him as a transformer, rather he is a weapon.
From what I research, he is originally designed for Microman but end up in Transformers line of toy.

All MIB with replacement of window by seller in Japan.

Before I post pictures of this exciting find which I have been trying to hunt down for years at a reasonable price, here is the Beast Wars cartoon for you to enjoy the first appearance of Tako Tank and Ikard.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's the Catch : Motuc Mosquitor and Webstor

Few days back, I drop in my first post of 2017 with the best buy of the year. I supposed!

 From now,  I will do away with the review stuff as I think we have many good reviewers out there for us to enjoy.

After reading my own blog, I should be able to get back to the future without the time machine.

Today I bring you back to the past to February 2017 on my first purchase.

Anyway, who cares about what I bought on February?

Guess only my future self.

Mosquitor and Webstor from the Masters of the Universe Classics.

Both are sought after villains from the classic line of He-Man enemies.

Gone are the play features if you are familiar with this line of action figures and their vintage counterpart but the upgraded designs makes them looks better in any sense we look for in the MOTU figures, when we are a kid back in 1980's. Or you don't even exist yet.

Do you think so?

Happy hunting !

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What's the Catch : Wizards Shogakukan Bolshack Dragon

It is 2017 and shame on me to write my very first blog post today. However, I am still in for toys but just that I am lazy into instagram which is very much what everyone is getting into.

Everybody move from platform to platforms and many have left and close their blogs.

Unfortunately, I am the lazy one who left my blog for months. But having said that, I realized that reading through my blog, brings back memories of how I was back in those times through my own writings. It is like a diary to me. Cool. So even nobody is reading, but I still find some daily hits on my blogs, it's worth keeping it.

So here I go again on slow pace.

To start off, I am still collecting and trying to cut down by selling off. As my blog did not show, I have ventured into some Sofubi like Bandai Godzilla and expanding my MOTUC. This year has been slowing and cutting back on my Marvel Legends as the characters are less familiar to me and I am stopping the chase. Guess I have enough of what I want except for some selectively good ones.

I will try to showcase my new collected figures slowly.

Instead of starting with my first purchase figure in 2017, I introduce my first rip off buy for this year - Bolshack Dragon, which I never knew who he is. The only attraction is his big wings and dragon mix of dinosaur features.

He is produced in 2003 and mainly created for kids to play at that time. He has a sturdy built but mine had his battery pack broken and lost. Overall, he is complete with removable shoulder and hip armor flaps. Detail dragon scales. Quality plastics and have some weight to it.

He comes with roaring gimmick and light up right hand but all these cannot work due to the lost battery pack.

With a cheap price tag, I can definitely overlook the flaws.

A common praise....He is Awesome ! 

With the hunting fun and surprise find plus the price, he is definitely the unforgettable experience toy hunt I got in 2017.


Here is the sneak peak of Bolshack Dragon. See how big he stands besides a 3.25 inch Colossus.

#hasbro #dragon #wizards #shogakukan

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Toys Dairy : True Devils of the Universe

Dear Dairy,

Today I bought in my long awaited Masters of the Universe action figures.

Chance upon an App that trades toys. I type..." Masters of the Universe". Pop out a collector who is eager to sell. Wow! I saw loose figures of Beastman, Mer-man, Trapjaw, Faker and a few more.

Price is not right but I need to ask. No ask no gain.

30 minutes later, a private message from seller. " Negotiable with more figures to run along."

Then came the picking and negotiations. Finally giving in to my weakness, I plunge into the abyss of MOTUC again.

It started with 4 figures, then another 3 and finally, gather up 8 figures which I will release the surprises.

The excitement of purchase comes the decision to let go some of my collection. I have managed to reduced my damage by 50% by selling some toys and freeing some space.

Collection is not only about buying but also to learn to let go and reduce cost, control emotions. It's a package of fun learning of yourself indeed.

May the control be with me.....

Oops, there comes another good deal.......

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some Toys which I never thought I will Venture into......Bandai Monsters

Amidst the collecting chaos where collecting is waning in this period of uncertainty!

I crawled into a new line of collecting. Bandai monsters!

This year marks the first time ever I venture into buying my first vinyl monsters from Bandai.

Funny thing is the only figure I know is Godzilla. Now I bought 1989 King Ghidora, 1995 Gamera, 1985 Angeilas, 1991 Godzilla Ghido Goji (at 14 inches tall), 1994 Orochi (Eight Headed Dragon) and recent 6 inch Shin Gojira.

Span just over 2 month, I caught the fever with the cluster of 6 wonderful monsters and start learning about the history of these wonderful toys.

I hope to stay just on the low and budget end restricting to earlier Bandai figures that I like. Trying to keep focus and small.

Well you can't have everything.

So here are some damage done.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mutant Wolverine turns Werewolf Beast turns more Beastier

When Wolverine turns into werewolf.

Imagine Werewolf with deadlier claws.

He is from the earlier series of Mutant Marvel. An old school figure with howling sound which I have nt tested it.

For Beast, I would say he just turns more Beast. I still keeping him in box to enjoy the wholesomeness of 90's action figures.

The raw sculpt tells his age.

#dailytoyz #marvel #marvellegends #actionfigures

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Portrait of Toyz : Curse of Spidey

When Spidey gets entangle by his own form.

Spiderman from Movies series Wrestling Spiderman.

 #dailytoyz #marvel #spiderman #marvellegends

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mandroid of Marvel

This is how toys are played and imagine when you cannot get a proper head on.

The Kilowog head from DC Universe of Cyborg Superman which I got, have no purpose for the BAF. I kept the head and of course it does not fit. But it looks awesome in the Mandroid suit. Doesn't he !

#actionfigures #dailytoyz #toys #marvel #marvellegends #robots #avengers

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Ultimate #Venom of #Marvel Select

The Ultimate Venom from Marvel Select !!!

Finally, another holy grail of Marvel Select hunted down.

I got the variant without the symbol and I think he shows off the origins of sculpting and paint work of black and purple.

The best part by looking from the package is the head. The rest will be left for investigation IF I open him out, which is very unlikely for now. He might just stay inside for admiration.

 #marvelselect #marvle #comics #venom #spiderman #dailytoyz

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marvel Legends Damage Done ! Giant Man-Annihilus-HulkBuster

Been missing out posting but am still hunting for action figures.

Damage continue to rise although I am trying to lower by trading out some figures at the same time.
But damage always won over trade out.

Here are some ultimate Legends which I hunt down. Among them, I double a second for Giant Man and Hulkbuster as the current is still in package which I still want to keep them as MISB for now.

Annihilus BAF is not in my want list but at a good price, I give him a try. I must say, he surprises me indeed. This is one figure you have to hold it to know it's menace. I believe he is conceptualized by Toybiz and sold as Hasbro, as he is the leading phase of Hasbro taking over Marvel Legends. This  may be the case for Fin Fang Foom. However, it is not officially justified and just my assumptions based on the articulations ans sculpting comparing to the actual start off of Hasbro Marvel Legends.

I decided to land on another build up Giant Man simply because I do not want to tear out my complete set of Giant Man series from Toybiz. The figures have down in value because of new Marvel Legends. I think staying in package will be the best to maintain a better value than loose figures. How many times you get to build a Giant Man from scratch. I shall leave it for future. For now, I am happy for a standing Giant Man to complete my set of BAF Giants of Toybiz.

Next comes a loose and complete Hulkbuster from Toybiz. The seller adds on an Iron Man mask which I guess should be from Hasbro series.

Some great giants to share with you.

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