Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lord of Darkness by #Mcfarlane

McFarlane's Movie Maniacs era brought in the Lord of Darkness from the 1985 flim. The devil with big horns have a pair of boasted ego hanging over his head.

I have not watch the movie yet and guess who is cast in this film? Tom Cruise !

Never mind about the film but this figure is detail to the very bottom of his hoofs.The only accessories he came with is a sword and a display stand with a movie card.

The cloak on him is very detail and fixated his arm movements. Surprisingly, he has ball joints for his shoulders and ankle but you cannot articulate his shoulders as he is restricted by the cloak he wore.

He is pretty much rare as before and even now. So if you ever saw him, give him a chance minus the devil.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

#Marvel Legends #HulkBuster


I am back to 2016 and hunting down some toys. Here is my 2016 first hunt!

The Marvel Legends HulkBuster BAF. I have patiently waiting for my right opportunity to get this guy by not getting the figures that came in this wave and it pays.

This is by far, one of the least best BAF from Hasbro and hopefully, they keep this going on and on. Looks like they do as 2016 series are looking good.

As for this Hulkbuster, in very short, you will like it or hate it that it may not be up to your mark.

Before you hate it but remember, he is a toy and meant to be one! Don't get too mess up in perfection for an action figure.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : #Spiderman Escape from the Entrapment #lego

From the series of Kitchen Adventures of Spiderman, Spidey is trying to get out his entrapment from a bottle after his fell.....

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : Spiderman Oven Escape ! #lego

Spidey just crashed out of my hot oven after my breakfast toast ! How lucky he is !

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#StreetFighter Akuma Fight !

One of the best known fighters in the world of street fighters, Akuma or in Japan, he is known as Gouki, the Master of Fists..!!!

Besides my Neca version of him, here is the Play Arts design with interchangeable head and hands.

A fairly pose-able figure standing and a good size for Gouki. The only gripe would be his head sculpt which is a little too extreme. He has the full head pop off for change rather than the face off done for Ryu, which looks creepy. For the fun, he is given another variant head to try on. Guess who?

Nothing beats a good street fighter with details and size to match.  I bet you will not be disappointed with him.

Have fun and figure on.....!

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Video Review by AnthonysCustoms

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Levitation #Superman (Hush version)

How many Superman do we need?

With many versions of Superman designed through DC Direct, Mattel and flooding into other makers, I eventually still love the designs from DC.

And this Superman smitten by Poisy Ivy have decorated with leaves on his neck and hand. No love bite?

The posture is a levitation state of Superman after his battle Batman showing off his torn cape. Cool to have torn cape of Superman sculpted.

He is supported by the rod attached to his back and stuck to a Batman base with stones. It is kind of weak on the stability due to the base size but the levitation trick works fine.

This Superman is on a smaller size compares to other DC Direct Superman and sculpted with an edgy face coupled with red beaming eyes.

I would seriously recommend him as a unique design for Superman for his posture and torn cape with a touch of Poison Ivy on him. Why not!

Here are some fabulous write ups from other fantastic sources.
DC Direct Hush Superman by OAFE
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Deadpool.....the legendary Marvel Legends series

Deadpool, an X-Men character who is crazy and enjoys many powers. As an action figure in the Marvel Legend series of the Toybiz make to Hasbro, he is still one of the of favorites amongst Marvel Legends collectors.

Not mentioning the Toybiz Deadpool has skyrocketed to a ridiculous price, the Hasbro versions have spawned many knock-offs creating a confusion even many cannot tell the difference.

The recent waves of knock-offs are no longer cheap looking remakes that we use to tell from untrained eyes, but most likely to be production fall offs from quality control which may get sneak out for resale or got into another cheap production. It is just my opinion since the likeness are incredible except quality.

Now I have a grey X-Force Deadpool and all I can trust is he came loose with a package that the seller said he bought original from reputable source as new. He passed the smell test as he is similar to the other figures which I got from Hasbro. Yucks, you might say but it has to be done. Next, he has a silver painted handgun which most Knock-offs are black. As for the rest, I cannot tell the differences.

I think the chances of my Deadpool is original has risen to 99.99%. 0.001% for the benefit of doubt since I did not tear open the figure myself.

So how good is Deadpool actually?

Personally, I would say the Hasbro Deadpool is of a good standard to match aesthetically although he loses out some details and accessories to the Toybiz version.

For the fraction of the money you pay for Toybiz Deadpool, he is good for a substitute. But even for that, Hasbro Deadpool gets a hefty price tag as you read on.

I like the details from his head to toe and the two Katanas with sheath which can be detached from his harness at the back. Cool features and accessories to go along.

This is the Deadpool that you will be pleased for either red or grey versions. I would not recommend paying too much for him. Be crazy but not Deadpool Crazy !

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DC Origins Modern #Superman

Coming from DC Direct 2010 release of DC Origins Superman 2 pack set, I have the Modern Superman locked down for you. Unfortunately, I do not have the 1st Appearance from the same pack but I do have the earlier brighter blue version which I have previously reviewed.

For this Superman, his first grabbing attention is the shiny pinkish red cape, shiny "S" symbol and shiny red boots.

He stands with a slightly hunching back and that makes him looks down. Featuring a thick black eyebrow, he looks stress and strain. Probably after so many setbacks from human ignorance.

He features the basic DC Directs articulations with no accessories.

This is another cool glossy addition to the Superman class.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Archer of bullseye... Marvel Hawkeye

The legendary marksman with the eye of the hawk....Hawkeye !

The Marvel Legends in the Toybiz era has produced the classic Hawkeye with a style and accessories to kill. Even with the lastest release of Hawkeye from Hasbro, this version still never fails to excite fans alike as he possess accessories yet to be beaten.

Though he is on a skinnier side and set with a pair of sad eyes, he draws the full classic appeal that a Hawkeye should be. The backpack which sling on his shoulder is sculpted with an extra bow and 3 fixed arrows. Another 6 arrows with different heads can be stored but due to the size, it makes storing all 6 arrows difficult. Out of the 6 arrows, my favorite is the Ant-man arrow, where is lies at the arrow head in ready position. The bow has sculpted eye piece and string for real action firing of arrows. However, it takes pain in getting him set in archery position with the arrow and gets on your nerves easily.

Overall, a good 6 inch action figure and still holds his place as a dignified Hawkeye of Marvel legends to date. Thank you.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ant Superman

Do you know there is an Ant Superman?

With Marvel Ant-Man coming up and getting hot, let us explore the little known Ant Superman in Action Comics #296 where Superman is transformed by Red Kryptonite and assumes the power to communicate with ants. I do not think he can shrink!

His head came as part of the addition in the DC Direct Showcase Superman where you will get 4 sets of interchangeable heads and two pairs of hands. Since the alternate 3 heads are very interesting addition as a Superman collection, I will make it an exclusive post for each individual head sculpt as each shares a unique character even though they belong to a single set.

The articulation is pretty basic for DC Direct figures if you are familiar with them or even possess one of the figures. As for the cape, there is no "S" sign at the back of his cape in this design.I have the regular head Superman shown below and show how all attachments can assemble into an alternate Ant Superman combo!

It is rare to have an interchangeable heads and hands for Superman figure and this should be the only one until today.

The tentacles on the head are removable and articulated for better signals to communicate with Ants? I suppose not. The Ant-Superman is not ultimately great but an interesting addition into the Superman collection. How often do you see alternate Superman characters being made? 

So who makes a better ant ambassador? Ant Superman or Ant-Man?

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