Monday, July 8, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Teela the Warrior Goddess

From the infamous Masters of the Universe, Teela is one female whom you cannot miss. Why? There is only few ladies in it and let alone sexy outfit.

This is the original Teela figure I got from the original 1980's toy maker, Mattel. I got her loose as she is right here and She just popped by for an audition.

She does have some resemblance of Princess Leia when she was captured as chained up as a sexy slave next to Jabba. Another beauty and the beast example.

In her age, ladies somehow are projected for big hips and classical look.

She just cannot pose well and I just have to make adjustment to get her best shot. See if I have done the job.


  1. Sexy, Classic and Fun just a great figure. I like this one and Evil Lyn as well.

  2. Me too. Just gorgeous classic figures.

  3. If I collected MotU or the classic remakes they've been doing, a Teela would be near the top of my MUST have list.