Friday, October 31, 2014

Dark Alliance of Lucifer


 Halloween is here and nothing beats the gathering of evil fun in the season and many toy geeks have been churning out Halloween goodies to savage the thirst of all collectors alike.

In this season, I finally got one of my long awaited figures and hitting the time is Lucifer from the Dark Alliance.

He was a collaboration of CHAOS, Eternal Toys, Diamond Select and Art Asylum and what I have is the limited edition of 1000 from the First Shots !!!

What do they mean??? I gather is the first production of 1000 Lucifer which they produced and limited edition is a far cry from reality as there are similar carded versions which carry amazing accessories such as his staff and chain of heads, but for this "special" limited box edition,, he is short changed !

I cannot judge any major difference of him being the first 1000 that makes him any better since I do not have the mass carded version to compare. However, sculpt wise there are no difference and I already start recommending this figure before I complete this post.

The only thing I discovered is that mine does not have any product company imprint on his foot base and I am not sure if this is what the first 1000 figures do not possess.

Well, let us move on to see how amazing this dark angel is.

First off, I like big figures and he definitely have the height of 10 inches tall and bulk that adds to it.

Second, his head sculpt and entire body are detailed with expression and sculpted veins.

Thirdly, paint wash of red and tones of black brings out the details and simplicity of the figure.

Fourth, he got "real" hairs for his beard and long pony tail topping up with 2 brown sculpted horns.

Fifth, amazing sculpting neck chain with individual locket which is very Egyptian design and a leather feel loin cloth covering his assets.

Last but maybe not least, if you got his staff and accessories, it will be a heck of a figure which not many action figures can match even until this day.

Produced in the early 2000, he is still an excellently sculpted action figure for his age and shall see many days to come.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

King of Darkness.....Lucifer

The Dark Angel reveals the darkness.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scythe Meister...the Assassin Transformed !!! #halloween special

Since Halloween is nearing and I have just managed to modify the 12 inch Scythe Meister figure, designed, by Mcfarlane Toys, as he was no longer able to feature in his original fashion. While making use of the coming season, I might as well do some justice to him and feature a updated post for him.

He is not a very well-known figure unless you are into Hellraiser movie, which is based on the works of Clive Baker. Does not appeal to many due to his hideous look and really scares off the kids which makes him an PG rating action figure.

With many parts of his accessories broken and messed up, I have to re-modify his head gear and take out the access equipment while replacing it with only the chains, giving him a metal chain head gear like a rocker. Complete with a spike collar that makes him lie a punk!. Since he got very cool long chains to play around, I wrapped him along with them to display come coolness.

Hi weapon comes with a trigger action and carrying it in his stance looks more like a guitarist with a screaming expression.

Here comes Halloween.....!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aliens Power Loader

Anyone who have seen the movie, Aliens, will know the epic scene fight between Ripley and Alien Queen, using the Power Loader.

Released by Kenner toys in 1992, this iconic Power Loader handled by Ripley is a simple yet interesting playable toy. It is closest you can get to mimic the fighting scene during that era and toys are meant for play back then takes on serious battle damage and lost parts.

What I acquire here was passed down from a local collector's childhood collection which happen to go through the challenges. With the missile spent and both side cannons ripped off by Alien Queen (I supposed), what the Power Loader now left intact is the machine itself. I would say it is pretty well kept for it's age and it still have the stickers intact.

The basic concept of having your action figure to be strapped in the loader and able to manipulate the grappling action hands, firing off a missile are pure fun. Only gripe is that the "legs" are not designed as separate movable pieces but rather a simple molded track wheels with no wheels to roll.

The pistons are molded and painted to highlight it's function. Very 90's kind of work. On the size, he is about 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide from it's grapple to grapple ends.

If you do not have Ripley, you can also snap in a 5 inch action figure to try it on. Just like Batman did.

What else can you complain about for a toy like this for play. Other than this, you can pay a hefty price tag for a Hot Toys version or we can wait for some companies to produced a screen accurate design meant for 6 inch action figures. I suppose the day will come soon, just like Ed-209 has been revived.

So for  some flash back memories. Here is the infamous Power Loader. Somehow, it reminds me of Wall-E.......

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aliens in the Batcave !!!

Even Batman needs a Power Loader to fend off the Aliens.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Golden Boy.....Batman of Michael Keaton

Today's hero is the golden boy from the Kenner toy line of Batman from 1990, when Batman is portrayed by Michael Keaton, and toys exploded with excitement.

We are fed with unrecognizable action figures with vague likeness to the actors, which in any case, maybe due to licensing or technology capability. Whichever and whatever happens, we are all happy with the action figures.

Trends of recollecting retro toys from the 80's line seems to catch up, toy companies have taken interest to produced "backdated" action figures of the 80's-90's, mimicking limited articulations and characters of the past. Some which have never got to see daylight, finally gotten a new hope.

Action figures from ReAction has taken the step to design and produced the standard figures of the 80's- 90's similar to Kenner series and trying to entice a new breed of craze. Does it work? Well, some may be happy to see some nostalgic rebirth.

Somehow, working backwards in trend does have it's favor. Sounds like fashion.

Though I have not gotten any new retro figures, I do have the authentic 90's Kenner Batman of sub-recognizable Michael Keaton to present.

Here's Batman in Gold !!!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Prometheus to Aliens

The Iconic Xenomorph has been a great 80's movie, Aliens and it's sequel, which children only have Kenner figures to play around back then. For toy geeks, these are awesome but never have they thought of the day will come to actually see and get movie accurate figures until many have grown out of their younger years. If you survive the test of time and toy geekology process (which I have no idea what is it, Haha), your patience have paid off.

Movie accurate action figures mainly appears only in the early 21st Century designed by McFarlane followed by Neca.

Many have been and will be churned out for the market, which has reduced the excitement for the Xenomorph action figures and we are kind of sick of it, however, the heat still pushes on.

When we have a prequel to Alien......Prometheus in 2012, this strike a little spark again.

No matter how the movie has fared, the action figures designed by Neca, have given a level of excitement for Alien fans. Sounds like toys saved the movie for toy geeks.

Both the Engineer, in pressure suit and chair suit mode from Series 1 design, displayed amazing sculpt which led me to collect them and able to appreciate the toys more than the movie.

Even if you do not watch the movie, being an action figure enthusiast, will make up the ignorance.

If you compares the Pressure Suit Engineer against the Chair Suit Engineer, you can observe that the Pressure Suit Engineer is slightly smaller in size than Chair Suit Engineer. Why? I guess they take into account of the Engineer suiting up in Chair Suit which I think this is detail consideration.

The detailing in both Engineer figures are incredible for his size and to make a plain white base figure takes some challenge on the paint works to highlight the details on the Pressure Suit Engineer. Undeniably, the Chair Suit Engineer's black base paint work have brought out the detailing on the figure.

No matter how many times you watch the reviews online, nothing compares to seeing them in your hands.

In my opinion, both these Engineers are worth getting a stand in your collection even if you are not a die-hard Prometheus fan or just want good figures from the movie line.

Check them out and have fun collecting.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Death and Rebirth...Aliens #halloween special

Besides ghouls and zombies, facehuggers and chestbusters are creatures which you never want to face and hug.

As history repeats itself for a fresh meal in the Aliens' Death and Rebirth.

Using props from Aliens playset and Predators from Mcfarlane toys, I gather them up for a history of Death & rebirth for the Xenomorph.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sanity of Wolverine

Wolverine, an iconic character from X-Men. The metal animal that is almost invincible until he face a magnet. There is always a weakness no matter how strong you are.

Here is the Wolverine from the Marvel Legends boxset that is unmasked and with an angry open mouth roar. Signature Wolverine hairstyling that a hairy man needs.

Other than being in his classic yellow uniform, his face sculpt is one of the best. The only setback will be his "bendable' claws, shoulder pads which hinder his articulation and the lack of ab crunch. As for a good stance for a fight, he is still one pose-able figure to work on.

In my opinion, for the dirty wash paint job he was given, he has the scruffy Wolverine charisma that latest version misses.

Whichever Wolverine you choose, they win.......!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tabloid : Wolverine punched !!!

Wolverine attacked by street mobs !!! Punched hard in the face.

Even with an adamantium head, Wolverine still suffers a blow from this gigantic knuckles.

Who dares the Wolf ?

Report by dailytoyz.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The plunge of Sabretooth

I have been looking through all Sabretooth and finally I settled with the Toybiz version which is a very classic and menacing Sabretooth for me. Although Hasbro has given us a new Sabretooth, he is still lacking in originality and plain sculpting.

Standing at 7 inches tall and packaged with classic costume, hair style, articulated fingers and great fearsome face sculpt showing his canine teeth, which I think it should be protruded longer.

Apart from the usual comments from the reviewers for his body "outgassing" that makes him sticky and some dislikes of his elbow joints, these do not make him a lesser action figure to get.

The other Sabretooth which can match up to this Toybiz version will be the Marvel Select version which is much taller in size.

For whichever Sabretooth is in your liking, he should deliver the same animal feel in him. Meow....? !!!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Portraits of Toyz : Animal face off (Sabretooth vs Wolverine)

From the series of Marvel Legends.......the face off between Sabretooth and Wolverine never ends....!

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