Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lord of Terror.....Origins of Diablo

 He who does gaming knows what is Diablo and he who played Diablo knows who Lord of Terror is.

It has been more than decades since Diablo has enter into the gaming world and we have seen figures created for fans. Here I have an old school Lord of Terror created by EPIC action figures back in 2000.

Although we have a recent addition of NECA version of Lord of Terror, the first Lord of Terror here still have his charms of horror to terrorize all.

Came packaged in old style card form, he has two parts that requires assembly which you need to snap on his back spikes and tail.

Standing at 7 inches tall and tail length measuring from his toes is 7 inches, he is quite a big size for the year he was produced and has basic articulations for shoulders, hips and ball jointed neck. This is somewhat standard with very limited pose you can do. However, he shall not disappoint you with his details on the scales and very well done dragon like tail.

The crown jewel that is on his head is ruby red that is soft and kind of translucent. Though he looks spiky and dangerous, the spikes and horns are soft and not sharp for safety reasons.

He may lose out some great sculpting and articulations to the latest Neca version of Lord of Terror but for a 15 years figure, you have to appreciate from where he came from. Even now, he still have his charm.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : Galaxy Doom

When Dr Doom ask for a poster for his ruling campaign over the Galaxy, he wanted this poster to fly....

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cyborg Superman

 In DC Universe, came Cyborg Superman who is complete with the Head & torso of Kilowag (build-a-figure).

Have been trying to get this figure for some time and with patience, he shows up.

I personally like the robotic features that gives him a part man part machine combo. You get both Terminator and Superman smash together! How cool is that!

The highlight of him shall be his head sculpt which is detail in his cyber-genetic face, and you can observed the mechanical sculpt on his right arm and chest while leaving both legs the same human legs.

Overall, you cannot be wrong with a cyborg labelled with Superman in this case.

If Terminator has turned into a Cyborg flying machine like this, Skynet shall extinguish the human race in due time.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : Bizarro

Bizarro is one character which I find interesting amongst the DC villains who is the opposite of Superman. Being a villain, he has many interpretations done and probably due to his weirdness, he has that zombie like appeal that attracts details.

I have a few Bizarro and each dons a different appeal style.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Roar of the Orc Shaman


How often we fight over whether to open the toy or keep it in card? This mental struggle is always vivid for collectors alike but it takes one toy at a time to get this over.

For me, having keeping this awesome Orc Shaman from the Warcraft series designed by DcDirect, I think it is time to crack this beast open and enjoy the hidden beauty carries.

Finally, gotten him out of package, I never regret doing it. This is it!

A very detailed and well sculpted figure with super lack of articulations except for his arms. Technically, he is better off as a statue, not an action figure but the great details that went into him just cannot be denied and thrown away. His armor and clothing have went through great amount of detailing to bring out his sharpness.

The only removable parts are his wolf headgear and hand armor with blades.

I like his stance and the menacing strain he expresses although you cannot change due to his limited articulations.

Well, with a massive size that can much up to Hulk, would you pass over him?

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Portraits of Toyz : Run Iron....The Iron Man

Featuring the claim of a Toybiz Mojo series on the first appearance Iron Man, I have Iron Man running for his life from fire.

Who wants to be in hot iron?

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