Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Man-Bat ---- Bat-Man...Who's who

We have reach September and Halloween is just a month away. With my first September post, Man-Bat came earlier before he got time to prepare for Halloween in October.

Well, this is the first and only Man-Bat I have and I got to say, this Legends of Dark Knight Man-Bat is considerably one of the best done to date in my opinion.

His body seems more like a Werewolf than Bat as his physic is quite large and his hands and feet do more justice as a Werewolf.

Wearing a torn top, he must have transformed into Man-Bat while wearing his lab coat and you can even see his badge.

With basic articulations as all toys in the 90's, he came with a ball joint shoulder. The bat wings are well sculpted with veins and graduation of red colors.

I found his red eyes have a glowing effect although the red color does not seems to be in luminous red. In certain darkness, he does look mysteriously fearsome.

The plastics used for this line are of good quality and more durable than what we have in action figures now.

If you ever come across this Man-Bat, give him a second look, he will not disappoint when you hold him. Besides Batman, he is another figure in this series that is awesome.

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