Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toy Viewing : Bizarro

Bizarro, a mirror reflection of Superman. 1st Appearance in 1958 in Superboy, Bizarro originally carries a "B" sign on his chest which was later changed to the reflected "S". This is to signify a mirror image of Superman in the bad way.

Everything is opposed to Superman's positiveness. How similar it portrays in real life too.

In real life, we also do not see ourselves except in front of the mirror but seeing do not means you gave a thought of your actions. Our true mirror lies in the people around us which reflected our character and who we are. People see you not only from outside, they react to your actions and reflect the true you. Take time to listen and learn to take comments from your surroundings. Superman possesses a bad reflection like Bizarro, even he is proclaimed as righteous. Think about it.

Ok, let us look at Bizarro in this version.

He is from the two pack, all star figure collector set from DC Direct. The other figure is Superman himself. I do not have him as I got Bizarro in loose piece when I wandered around in a toy shop. What a head start for Halloween to be able to grab Bizarro.

My first impression of him is that he is a zombie Superman. It did not cross my mind he is Bizarro. Guess I am not a die-hard Super friends after all.

Anyway, I am attracted to the color of the face and costume. He is dressed up very retro, with light matte purple and boxer tights, bright red boots, short cape. His crumpled skin touches with pale green color totally resembles a zombie. With his head tilted and open mouth coupled with a dead look stare, he completely looks like walking dead, just like Solomon Grundy.

Here is Bizarro, zombie retro style.

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