Saturday, September 27, 2014

Braveheart.....The Lion

From the tales of Wizard of Oz, we have known the Lion for his bravery and courage for the heart he wanted. Am I right?

Oh, we are in the wrong side of the fairytale and here is the dark side where lies the Land of Oz !

The Lion for the reasons which I do not know, got himself into a battle with full battle-damaged until his guts are out ! painful!

Designed and created by McFarlane on the series of twisted tales, we have The Lion, who is one of the best character in this series. How often you get a serious lion action figure? I like the Lion from Narnia, who has a charisma of awe but the Lion we have here is a warrior that suffered multiple wounds and pain. However, he stills possess the King's air.

The sculpt of his mane and facial expression really hit the spot. If he has a variant twin on non-battle damaged, it will be a definite addition as well. This Lion has seen his days where he is wounded literally from head to tail.

He came with cool accessories for you to pierce through him such as the spear, knives and a trap standing on a display base.

This is an "action figure" which doe not need to know his origins to appreciate.

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