Thursday, September 11, 2014

Darkstalkers Victor

Anyone who played video games in the 90's and likes monsters fighting games may know who the Darkstalkers are. For me, I have never played the game, let alone knowing it's existence until I chance upon Victor. He is one of the characters of the Darkstalkers and I find him very interesting although he is more than a decade old and being designed by Toybiz in 1999.

Victor just appeals to me for it's bulky size (though he is slightly above 6 inch tall) like the Hulk and quirky Frankenstein character with a pop out brain operated by a lever that you can push. Very typical 90's toy on the play feature indeed.

The overall, size, color and cool feature with reasonable good sculpting gives me all reasons to add to my collection. You can put him along with the streetfighters or other freaky fun figures like the 80's Ghostbusters, which he seems to merge in well.

Victor is limited in articulations which he only have ball joints on his shoulders and coupled with joints on the elbows, waist, legs and knees. That's all. He cannot turn his head !!!

Well, he is blue Franskenstein fighter. How cool is that !

Here he is.....Victor.


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  1. Awesome figure! I was a SF Alpha II fan myself.

    1. Yes, wacky on the design and good monster can be. There are a few figures in this line but I think this is the best for me. Cheers

  2. Regardless of how limited the space I have in room is, I'm very much inclined to collecting all Darkstalkers characters. I'm a huge fan.

    1. Show it off when you got them. The other figure which is cool will be the Wolf figure.