Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's a Vampider?

A Vampider is a combination of Vampire and a Spider ! Sounds logical?

At least this should the logic behind but putting that into comics character and that brings on a new adventure.

It was a rare chance for me to stumble upon this Vampider !!! He is Venom transformed into Vampire and gaining more superior powers, he is now VAMPIDER. Hahaha.

Toybiz has designed and created many crazy action figures of the Spiderman series including Venom, who is a great character to explore. He has many interesting mutations done and one of them is this Vampider, which was born on 1996.

I am unable to find any reviews on this guy and just have to get him since he is looking so amazing. Here I shall give a little introduction on Vampider and hopefully, when you saw him. You know if you want to capture him.

He is basically quite a big figure of his age standing at about 7 inches tall with wing spanning about 8 inches wide. 8 articulations if you include his mechanised gimmick flapping wings and lashing tongue which are usually useless which is meant for the kids.

However, the sculpt on him is pretty great with veins running around his body and wings, skeletal skulls for his nipples, web-like hands, Venom heads on the wing span complete with boney sculpts to bring out the vampire gore. Cool?

With the size and sculpt plus a touch of crazy innovation design, who cares if the figure is off the scale, ugly since he is Venom.

Well, judge for yourself here! Happy Hunting.

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