Saturday, January 5, 2013

Collection Exposed : Apocalypse the Marvel Legends

Recently, I claimed the Sentinel, now I claimed the Apocalypse and next ??? (Soon to be revealed).

This Apocalypse has been passing by my sight and I have doubts getting him until I decides to get only the black version and at my reasonable price.

So many complaints on his heavy top and unbalance posture that makes me put him off time and again. But I cannot deny that he is a fine piece of BAF done by ToyBiz and will not be in production ever again. So before he gets into the spiral price up. I better take him down.

With his 2 tentacles and heavy top with a menacing look, he is one bad ass which you cannot turn your back away from him unless you start running for your life.

But in terms of color and articulation, he gets in all for a big figure like him.

Mine still suffers an imbalance issue and quite a task just to get him to stand upright. He sure needs some support.

All in all, claim him before he claims you !!!


  1. This dude looks pretty thick and a great addition to your mix of things. : )

  2. Hi Dude, He does look and feel thick on his top and I have a tough time to get him stand properly.

    Looking for the next buddy to fill in the collection.