Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Dark Knight that still reigns

From the Legends of Dark Knight series by Kenner in 1998, the Batman design is an outstanding figure. You will know why when you see him. Yes, it's the cape that he is don on. The full power of the cape that Batman tries to startle his "prey" before he attacks. Batman knows first impressions always last, so he has to make his presence felt and fear by his enemy. I guess Spawn has also grasp this essence and made his cape more alive and menacing too. No wonder all Superheroes wants cape, but none does match up to Batman and Spawn.

For the figure himself, he is in a regular blue and grey suit with high pointy "ears" and gauntlet but as in the 90's figure, articulation is the basic five points only which limits his posing.

The face sculpt is as impressive with an angry grunt.

Since variant has been a growing interest in the 90's too, there is another black suit Batman for your interest. Whichever piece you get, he wins....


Digging back into my toy chest, I found Skywing Street Bike Batman which I have been holding on for a decade and he does have some resemblance in body parts to the Dark Knight with some added sculpting. I am suspecting he is a riding figure based on his arm and hands posture. Both shares similar physic. body mold and gauntlet design with some changes on posture and sculpting. Unfortunately, I do not have the bike for him to ride on. He may need to wait for another decade for his ride to come.

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  1. Replies
    1. The cape is always a WOW factor for this figure.

  2. very cool. Never saw him before.

    1. Coolest Batman in the 90's and still has it's charm even today. If you see him, take a chance on him.