Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where the Raven falls....Spawn

This is where Raven Spawn falls into Hell from brightness and brings on the fight against evil. This is where I present you Raven Spawn from series 21 which he is much like his counterpart.. Hell Spawn.

I am not sure why is he named Raven Spawn since I do not study Spawn comics and that is really lacking on me. How lazy !

However, putting up a figure before you and showing you at his best is where I cannot deny.

Needless to say, Raven Spawn is anther detailed Spawn figure with his Staff and with his Helm, he looks like the King of the Dead from Lord of the Rings and very much merging into their company of Dead Men of Dunharrow. Which I can put place him into this army for a secondary role in my collection.

Do not look for articulation for Spawn figures and he is also quite limited and he cannot turn his head. So what you see here is pretty much what he can pose.

If you are into Medieval period figures and a touch of death, Raven Spawn can champion the role well.

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