Saturday, September 20, 2014

Faces of Clay.... ClayFace of Batman


From the good folks of DC Comics, we have ClayFace for the enemy of Batman whereas, Marvel kicks in Sandman as the villain for Spiderman. Is Clay better than Sand?

Today we are going to debate on that but admiring the works of Kenner in the 90's in the design of ClayFace produced for the Legends of the Dark Knight series.

This is one of the final and better series of figures designed by Kenner in it's later years migrated to Hasbro. The figures in this series are bigger, better sculpting especially for the bad guys. The play gimmick and limited articulations are still in presence in this era of toys.

Although he is from the 90's era, the standard has already been raised being the fact that Spawn figures are pushing up sculpting standards then. This Clayface is no doubt a good addition to collectors even though he lacks articulations and minor detailing in today's competition.

Having said that, let us look at the fun side. Clayface has four difference face sculpt and each uses the ey of the next face. Smart design. You can rotate the dial at the back but I think this is pointless but maybe for kids, they can secretly rotate through the back and seems like a real deal.

Both hands are sculpted differently and paints are smudging over to create a mud like effect. He is on some kind of a suit but I am not sure why he needs that like Bane.

Well, overall, he is a nice figure and standing at about 7.5 inches tall, he does have a size over a regular figure and quite heavy in weight if you are considering to ship him.

If you get to see him in any face, take 4 turns of look before you turn away.

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