Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zzzax ... Who is he?

Zzzax...a character that I never knew until recently I stumbled across a carded figure that has it's name. I had the same figure but gotten it loose in a flea-market and never knew his origins.

So happy to know I have him complete with his accessory which I thought it is a crab trap, I decided to showcase him since he is a very under-rated figure and I cannot find much review about him.

Though he looks more like an over-grown Human Torch to me, he basically is a an electric freak. The figure has a play action that you can turn the knob on his back and he trembles in shock. Maybe he is trying to shock his way out of Hulk. So much fun for a 90's classic toy.

Designed by Toybiz in 1997, this is one classic 90's figure that gets forgotten or never for it's existence.

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  1. I didnt know they made his action figure. The first time i heard about zzax was from a pack of Handful of Heroes.

    1. I guess this is the only Zzzax action figure they made since he is not very popular. You have the pack of Handful of Heroes to show? Would like to see how he looks like.