Sunday, June 16, 2013

Freaky Sunday - OctaBrain

Octabrain, he is an octupus like, three eyed monster with great mental power to annihilate Duke Nukem. A very detailed and monstrous freak from the toy line back in 1997, I would say he is still very up to standard until today and still possess the 90's toy feature of minimum playability. It actually came with a oozing liquied which by the time I had it, it has dried up and useless.

The setback is the big brain which can be slotted back and open in halves. The molded brain looks cool with transparency but the outline is cheaply done with fading markers.

The tentacles are well-sculpted and flexible but unable to set poses as it does not have any wires inbuilt. 

He is supposed to be floating around hunting for Duke and as a toy, they gave him a base stand.

As a 90's toy, he does smell bad for the rubbery plastics used and similar quality used in the Mcfarlane toys back then. Produced by Resaurus which is no longer in business, I am pleased to have him for a toy but kind of scary for a kid and where should I placed him?

 Is this the business of Ghostbusters?


  1. Wow! That has a lot of details for it's time and really does hold it's own even today.