Monday, April 27, 2015

Redeem your Wings.....Spawn


In the alternate realities of Spawn, the wings of redemption brings forth the flight of Spawn in his angel wings for salvation.

How does that work out to be?

Well, let just see what Spawn has to offer in this reality featuring his wonderful pair of very detail and nicely sculpted wings, which are incredible and made of flexible material. They have toned it with some brown washed to make it worn and if this pair of wings are to be on Marvel Angel, it will also be fantastic too.

Knowing Spawn figures, he is basically posed and there is not much of articulations you can play around but he is already well posed and a conversation piece even though he is only 6 inch tall compare to his bigger twin at 12 inch.

For a relatively great price, he is hard to pass and I had to let him shine.

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