Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's the Catch? : Mini Batmobile

 In our days of hunting, the most interesting catch will be a surprise one. While heading to watch the G.I. Joe movie, I bumped into a Batmobile and it's small.

Taking time before the movie starts, I was browsing aimlessly in this toy section of a shop and I came across the Tomica showcase, I usually scan for some unique cars which they may released and there it lies, just waiting for me to get him out of the case.

It is a 1st model of the Batmobile from the Dream Tomica series. Its numbered 146. They have also released the Tumbler under 148 too.

Tomica from Takara Tomy, their cars are usually spring loaded for the wheels which simulates suspension but they are not solid die cast like HotWheels or Matchbox, which makes them lighter. Details are great considering it's size.

This time, they finally have a different sets of rims to go with the Batmobile unlike the usual rims which they mass produced for most of their cars.

It's more pricier than Hotwheels or Matchbox but worth the details put in.

It's a Batmobile !!!


  1. Very nice! Worth it for the box alone! Are you in the US?

    1. Hi Dave, welcome to my blog. I am in Singapore.. What about you? Care to join in ?

  2. I love this version of the Batmobile it's my second favorite next to the 60s TV version.

    1. My favorite too. 2nd will be from the Batman Forever movie.